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Le Dentiste

the Studded Club

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Life is action and it’s an adventure! This second chance that’s been granted to us all is exactly what humanity needed to get up from its techno-couch and put that ginormous indolent butt into gear again. This forced « back to basics » with its multiple sources of dangers and mutant menaces is an incredible business opportunity for entrepreneurs like me! Who am I? Oh, nobody special really… Just a dream peddler. Guided by the wind, I break jaws and bones with The Dentist, my massive oaken studded club. Zombies, mutants, bandits or competitors, I make no particular distinction. I harvest their teeth and bone to make « authentic » shamanistic amulets. I sell them to travellers and the gullible members of communities I meet, convincing them that they bring some sort of mystical protection from the dangers of the wilderness. Life is good, and The Dentist is there to ensure I’ll retire rich.


The Dentist is a very realistic reproduction of a studded club, which is perfectly suited to the context of our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to swords. With its 32” length and one pound weight, it is well balanced for combat simulation. Like the rest of our products, it is very safe. Have no fear, no actual jaws were broken during the development of this club.


While the Dentist has been developed for our post-apocalyptic line, its « natural » look makes it a more than an adequate choice for Heroic Fantasy characters. The mace is exactly suited for skull-crushing barbarian, highway bandits that don’t want to kill their victims and city guards. It is also a great choice for priests and other characters that have sworn not to spill the blood of others.

Weight (g): 435
Total Length (cm): 81.28
Grip length (cm): 
Staff Length (cm): 
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Nailed it!

Well balanced weapon, for those who prefer crushing over slashing.

Functionality over style

A perfectly sturdy club that gets the job done without the unnecessary accuracy of a sword. Perfect for an Orc such as myself.

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