What is a chainmail armor? 

Chainmail armor, also known as chainmail or simply mail, holds a legendary place in history and continues to captivate our imaginations today. Crafted from interlinked metal rings, chainmail forms a mesh-like structure that offers both protection and flexibility to its wearer. It was principally used in battles and tournaments. 

Where the chainmail come from? 

The origins of chainmail can be traced back to ancient times, with the Celts often credited as its inventors. This remarkable armor quickly gained popularity, spreading across Europe and Asia. During the medieval and Renaissance periods, knights and foot soldiers relied on chainmail for its outstanding defensive capabilities.

How well does chainmail protect? 

One of the defining characteristics of chainmail is its versatility. A complete suit of chainmail armor consists of various components, including:

  • A hood known as a coif,
  • A shirt called a hauberk or haubergeon,
  • Trousers known as chausses
  • Mittens called mitons

To enhance the armor's protective qualities, warriors often wore a padded garment known as a gambeson underneath.

Chainmail proved highly effective against slashing, thrusting, and piercing weapons commonly used in combat during the Middle Ages. Its interlinked rings provided a crucial barrier of defense, mitigating the impact of enemy strikes and reducing the risk of severe injury.

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