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Antonius leather tassets

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Color: Brown

The leg pockets "Antonius" go well with the leather cuirass of the same name from our "Fucina del Drago" range. With two adjustable straps, they can be easily attached to the armor. The hallmarks of the torso armor are also continued on the leg pockets. They complete the armor and close it optically. Of course, they also protect the thigh from hits, so you avoid one or the other bruise, and also with style.

The Italian company "Fucina del drago" in German "Drachenschmiede" is known for particularly beautiful leather products. Only high quality leather is processed there. Elaborate hallmarks and the antique patina make these armor pieces a real eye-catcher.

The well-known leather manufacturer sets new standards with a revised design of this leather armor.


  • Material: leather
  • Color: brown, black, dark red
  • Length: 39cm
  • Width: 28cm

*The price is for one pair of bracers. 
*The color shade may differ from the illustration.

Designed in Germany by Mytholon

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