Why choose our LARP Sword? 


We no longer present the sword, this weapon known to all that has accompanied the warriors for centuries now! Its evolution throughout history makes it probably the most used weapon to this day! 

There are many famous swords that are today part of popular culture such as Excalibur of King Arthur, Joyeuse, the sword of Charlemagne or Durandal, the sword of the knight Roland, nephew of Charlemagne

Each period has indeed its flagship sword such as the glaive, the claymore, the rapier, the braquemard, the broadsword, and much more!

If you're looking to find a LARP Sword, our collection is clearly made for you! With offer rapier, official replicas, one handed and two handed sword, bastard sword and many more!

And if you need the ultimate weapon, you can create your own custom sword with our custom sword builder

The Calimacil quality 


We wanted to offer you the best LARP swords on the market to provide you with quality, safety, durability, and aesthetics at the best price!

Our LARP swords are made with our special foam which assures you of unfailing durability.

We take safety very seriously, which is why our weapons are designed to prevent injury and be usable in any context.