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Conqueror Arm

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Color: Black
Side: Black


Galerius Rabirius Vorenus, disgraced centurion from the gaulic wars, had become famous in the gladiatoral pit where he landed after his fall from the roman military. Now simply known as ''the Gaul'', he had created a fearsome reputation for himself as one of the most brutal and ferocious myrmillo in the arena. Despite his exposed torso, Galerius was using his shield and armored arm with expertise to protect himself from his adversaries. If he received more than a few cuts in his gladiatoral career, never was he the first to bleed. 


This massive armored arm is made of thick leather with riveted articulated steel plates. It offers protection for the full lenght of the arm, from the shoulder to the hand, making it a great piece of protective gear in LARP. Impressive and mobile, this armored arm is inspired by the iconic gladiator protection. It will without a doubt improve any warlord, warrior, gladiator or barbarian lord outfit in LARP. 


    • Steel 18 gauges / 1.02 mm
    • Black or brown leather 9-10 oz / 4 mm
    • Black or brown leather 5-6 oz / 2 mm
    • Nickel or antique plated rivets, eyelets, and buckles


    • Articulated arm
    • Compatible with all our armors and harness
    • Length of 30 inches / 76 cm
    • Harness not included

    Made in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

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