Calfera Hammer (Red) - Calimacil LARP Hammer

Marteau de Calfera (Rouge)

the Dragon Tamer

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Breathless, Lonnar's druid used up all his magical and physical energies to protect himself from the intense heat of the volcano. Each beath burned his throat. Lava flowed slowly around him while he pressed forward to his goal: the red dragon’s nest. His egg led him to the obsidian mountain. He now had to be strong enough to show the dragons he had what it took to be a part of them. At the end of his quest, hw wanted to meet the master of the dragons in order to reveal his destiny and learn why he was like this. Who was he? Why was he, a druid revering Lonnar, servant of Tyr, chosen by the red dragons? On the day he put his hand on the egg and felt the heat, the energy, he knew his life just took a turn and that his destiny would lead him to a great responsibility: being a great leader. Would he stay true to Lonnar and to himself, or would he be tempted by this power?


Calfera’s hammer comes from the Seyrawyn universe, created by Martial Grisé and Maryse Pépin. Its design was made by Calimacil’s experts, bringing breathtaking details to this masterpiece! The heads are empty, so they bend upon impact, which makes it extremely safe and reducing the weight of the great weapon. However, its durability and strength stay unbeatable. Used as a warhammer, Calfera offers a ruthless fighting style. While its red colour is dominant, many details, engravings and golden touches adorn the weapon, giving it an incredible realism. A true gem for your collection!


Do you wish to be one of a kind, to show to everyone your draconic heritage? Then this hammer is perfect for you! Great for noblemen, magistrates and heroic characters, it shall show your status proudly. Beware, though, as many barbarians and dark lords would do anything to get their hands on the fierce efficiency of this weapon!

Weight (g): 672
Total Length (cm): 86
Grip length (cm): 28
Staff Length (cm): 69
Head width (cm): 29
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Collection Seyrawyn

Makers from Québec, visionnaries and artists, Martial Grisé, leatherworker and actor, as well as his accomplice Maryse Pépin, graphic designer and illustrator, are the heart of the McGray publishing house. Both of them also authors, they have a unique writing style between both of them. If Maryse represent the educative and playful aspect, Martial is the pillar of the storyline, reinventing the Medieval Fantasy genre.

Joining their talents, they created a unique and educative concept: Their famed dragon eggs give strengths. They published 21 books for all ages and their collections are bestsellers. They also developped a whole line of merchandise, among them Calimacil foam weapons

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful but unwieldy

I love this hammer and use it for face npc characters. It’s distinctive and beautiful, and folks seeing you carry this will immediately recognize it.

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to use in any sort of light touch system, and cannot be swung quickly and safety unless your system has fairly heavy armor requirements. As an npc, I can give myself stats to compensate. As a player, you’re gonna have a tough time.

Une belle pièce

Le marteau de Calfera est une très belle arme. La sculpture des têtes est vraiment réussie, ainsi que la peinture. En combat, le brandir en fera pâlir plus d'un, c'est une arme imposante, même pour la version une main! Cependant gare au poignet: ce bazar est lourd, surtout du fait que quasiment tout le poids soit dans la tête (normal c'est un marteau), mais du coup on a vite tendance à se faire mal pendant les esbroufes les plus cavalières ^^"
Autre défauts: -la peinture: bien qu'elle soit très belle, elle a tendance à vite partir, dans mon cas il a suffit de deux GN pour que les cornes deviennent quasiment noires.
-la tête: bien que superbe cette pièce a son point faible, les mentons en crochet des dragons à tendance à se...crocheter dans les coins: épaulières, boucliers vous ne vous en apercevez pas c'est le drame, votre marteau finit décapité :/ mais pas de soucis, l'arme étant en deux pièces (manche + tête) il est facile de le réparer durablement avec un peu de colle contact ou mieux de la colle chaude.

En bref: c'est une belle arme que voici, une sculpture impeccable (quelques bulles mais ça arrive), la peinture est jolie aussi, sont design permet de jouer les grands seigneurs riches, comme les grosses brutes de sectes draconiques et avec un peu d'entrainement, sa masse imposante finit par devenir votre allié, vous permettant de faucher ou de mettre en fuite tout ce qu'elle touche!

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