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Hersir Azurite

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Color: Blue


In the universe of Seyrawyn, creation of Martial Grisé and Maryse Pepin, the valiant viking fighters sport with pride the Hersir sword, the formidable weapon of the justice of the gods and of the will of the king. Indeed, in their lands populated by giants, by creatures and by dragons, the guardians must protect The Source against their most invasive neighbors.

Over time, some of these warriors regrouped to form elite squads. They sought druids and the best master armorers. They ordered them to conceive an exceptional blade for their fabulous Hersir sword.

After many months of research, the masters developed new blacksmith rituals from unique materials. Finally, it is with an infinite pride that they drew from their incandescent fire a brand new steel… a surprising blue glint blade, resulting from a long alchemical process involving azurite, a bright blue stone. Since then, we can recognize the best ones to the color of their blades.



The making of the Hersir Azurite viking sword again required the experience and innovation Calimacil is known for. Pushing the limits of the possible, the team created a sword of great quality. Historically inspired, the guard of this weapon presents engravings depicting the nobility of the dragons. Its wooden handle, sporting two engraved metal rings, refines the look of the weapon. On its pommel, a vegvisir, a viking compass, will show the adventurers the way to go. Finally, celtic knots melt together into a pattern on the blade and its fantasy-inspired curves, giving the Hersir Azurite a royal elegance.

Derived from the Calimacil foam version, the blade is made of a crisp blue Calisoft foam with a polycarbonate hollow core and a fiberglass handle core to allow for optimal handling, but with a safe flex at the tip. These features make it perfect for light combat or for kids.



 The formidable Hersir Azurite is made for all ages, young and old! Whether you are a warrior, a rogue, a dwarf, an elf, an orc, a skaven or even a prince, with this blade in hand, you will be assured to uphold the law wherever you go!


Weight (g): 288
Total Length (cm): 68
Blade Length (cm): 50
Blade Thickness (cm): 2.75
Handle Length (cm): 20
Material: Calimacil Foam, Calisoft foam

Customer Reviews

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Very good sword

This Is a very Nice and beautiful Sword, it is Also a resistant one.

Good for my purposes

I'll be honest once I had it in hand I was a little disappointed. I can't really say why it just looked better in the pictures. That being said it works for our story and I can always see about customizing it.

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