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the Wanderer's Staff

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This wooden staff features two metallic handles with leather-like wrappings to give a firmer grip to the user while remaining comfortable for walking. Its shaft is dark brown and has a worn texture, while the metal fittings are tarnished gold. The leather-like wrapping is also dark brown to complete the illusion of a real staff. Made of our unique Calimacil foam, this staff remains very safe and durable for years. It is also stiff enough to enable many more acrobatic fighting without whipping or snapping.


Wanderers, monks and lone warriors are known to favour the stafff over cumbersome and heavy blades. As it has the added benefit of being usable as a walking stick, many older adventurers and merchants use it during their travels. However, beware, as many rogues and assassins have fooled unsuspecting strangers with this staff, making them believe they could not handle a fight.

Weight (g): 625
Total Length (cm): 152
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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I love it! I have yet to use it at a game but it looks awesome

Bday present

Got this as a birthday present for my daughter and she LOVES it!! Says it’s perfect!!

A Great Staff

This staff is fantastic! It is lightweight and superbly balanced. I originally bought it for use as an NPC, but my wife enjoyed it so much she now wields it as a paladin.

Incredible staff for a Monk

I bought one of these a couple of years back for my eldest daughter as a weapon for a monk, an orc and a gypsy character and it is still in grear condition. I now bought a second one for my youngest daughter (she to wants to play a monk). The second staff was a refurbish item and even then we can't tell the difference between both since the quality standards are so great.
I highly recommend this item.

Wonderful staff

I have had this staff for about 2 years. There isnt a single thing wrong with it! I always get loads of compliments in it when I take it to a faire. From a distance the staff doesn't look like its foam and up close it's hard to tell unless it's in your hands. Just the right amount of flex for a long staff and super comfortable to wield. 10/10 recommend this staff

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