Welcome to Calicon 2023

Nov. 11, 9am-5pm

CaliCON is an annual convention focused on collaboration, highlighting artisans, creators and leaders in the field. Companies and organizations specialized in the immersive leisures market reveal their know-how, their experience as well as their past, current and future creations and projects.

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Join us at Calicon with one of our three exciting ticket options. Our FREE General Admission at the Door grants access to most activities and includes a "character sheet" with unlimited places. If you prefer to plan ahead, our Preorder General Admission not only gives you the same benefits as the general admission but also includes a Calicon 2023 souvenir. For an exclusive experience, choose our Exclusive Access Ticket, which encompasses all the perks of the other tickets and unlocks access to the Artefact builder (including free engraving) along with a 1-hour consultation and workshop with a talented painter. Don't miss out on these fantastic opportunities to make your Calicon experience truly unforgettable!

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List of Activities


See what our workshop looks like and how we make the products you know and love.


Do you possess a creative fiber? Come and take part in the workshops that will be offered to demonstrate your talents.


The Calimacil team will be dressed up and have all kinds of surprises in store for you!


Discuss and brainstorm ideas with community leaders and LARP business founders.


Participate in a variety of engaging activities organized by Calimacil and its partners.


It’s all about foam weapons with Calimacil. It stands to reason that recreational combat activities will take place.


Two words: Exclusives! Deals! Nothing compares to seeing and touching the products before buying them.


Our photographer will be on site. It's time to put on your best costume and get THE Insta worthy shot!