(Re)discover Calimacil classics!

Since its creation, Calimacil has created an impressive number of LARP weapons, each with its own unique story! To celebrate our 20th anniversary in style, we've decided to bring several of our classics back to life for a limited time! Come and (re)discover part of Calimacil's history!

February 2024 - Fang

Revel in the resurgence of a beloved fantasy relic: the Calimacil Foam Sword "Fang," reanimated to mark Calimacil's 20th anniversary.

Inspired by the epic tales of Middle-earth, "Fang" returns with a redesigned blade and a mesmerizing color scheme, courtesy of the pink dragon's whimsy.

With captivating pink color shift highlights adorning the hilt, this foam sword seamlessly blends fantasy and reality, making it perfect for LARP battles or cosplay adventures.


  • Total Length(cm): 86.5
  • Blade Length(cm): 70
  • Handle Length(cm): 16.5
  • Grip Length(cm): 11
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam
See the first FANG Sword in action

March 2024 - Moloch

Back from the crypt for a limited time only, in celebration of Calimacil's 20th anniversary, we present the Moloch sword in a unique bronze dragon color scheme! This exclusive version adds an extra layer of epicness to your character.


  • Weight (g): 655
  • Total Length (cm): 117
  • Blade Length (cm): 93
  • Handle length (cm): 24
See the first Moloch Sword in action