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The Calimacil LARP Store never had so many costumes, armors and accessories. Don't forget to grab one of our famous foam replicas on your way out!

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About the Calimacil LARP Store

The Calimacil LARP store has evolved greatly in the last few years. Once focused on the Calimacil brand, it carried only a few items from other manufacturers. Today, products from other manufacturers make 70% of our entire catalog. Our goal is to offer LARPers a one-stop-shop where they can get everything they need from one location with the best possible shopping experience.

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Foam and latex gear

Powerful warriors need soft tools

Calimacil foam is safe and durable. We have developed our design and molding techniques over the years to offer ever more realistic products.

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Latex LARP products are a great option for LARPers and events that prefer light touch combat. They are also a great option for new players as they can be more affordable.

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Our brands

Our promise is simple: only offer the best products from the best manufacturers. This way, you can mix and match any item from the store to create the perfect outfit and never worry about receiving poor quality items.

More than a simple retailer, Calimacil created partnerships with some of the greatest brands LARP. These collaborations elevate the quality of products in the market and sometimes even give birth to new products and collections.

LARP Costumes

Level up your costume to match your skills

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it all: shirts, pants, capes, hoods, dresses, boots and much more!

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LARPers have spoken: Calimacil is unmatched

We've collected over 1700 reviews over the last two years and scored on average 4.7/5 stars for our product and store.

Don't take it from us; visit the store and find out what other LARPers are saying.

"My first purchase and I truly regret nothing! From every angle it looks really amazing."

Ester B. (France)


Mythic Workshop Collection

"[...] the price absolutely matches the quality of what you're getting. Durable, light and so beautifully well detailed [...]"

Percival Jr R. (Australia)

La Duchesse,

Le Duché de bicolline

"I absolutely love Calimacil. They make amazing products. Each is a Beautiful piece of playful art."

Jesse O. (Canada)


Seyrawyn Collection

LARP armors

Prepare for the battle ahead

Add some armor to make your LARP outfit even better. You can get a full armor with all matching parts or mix and match your own.

Our armor collection includes helmets, bracers, breastplates, greaves, spaulders and much more!

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Why choose us?

Not sure if we're the best store for you yet? Here are some of our perks!


Find all the equipment you need from only one store. No need to pay for shipping multiple times.


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Get Calimacil Gold for everything your purchase from the store. 10% return is HUGE!


Build your very own creation just like you were in our shop. It's just a few clicks away!

Great Shipping Deals

You can benefit from our rebates. We'll even pay 50% of shipping on orders over 350 CAD.

One Year warranty on Calimacil

If your Calimacil breaks within the first year of use, we'll replace it for free.*

LARP accessories

The Journey matters more than the destination

Take your role-playing experience to a whole new level with a huge selection of LARP accessories.

Scabbards, pouches, bags, grimoires, prosthesis, makeup, trinkets or all kinds, everything you'll ever need for your costume and quests.

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