The Duché de Bicolline is the largest site dedicated to fantasy live action role playing in North America, with a village of more than 220 buildings designed and built in a joint venture with the players on a 100 hectares site. The world of Hippocampe is the backdrop of year-round activities of all sorts where players, by their actions, dictate the fate of the nations.

The Bataille de Bicolline draws in more than 4,000 players from across the globe. These passionate players gather each year for a full week of festivities in a completely immersive environment. The Bataille de Bicolline is the flagship event of the company and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in August.

Bicolline allows its participants to become the living embodiment of their imagination and live it fully in a unique location that transcends reality.

La Duchesse, The Battle of Bicolline's 25th Anniversary Sword

For the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Bicolline, We are proud to present this sword representing a history of passion and the symbol of a rich and vibrant fantasy imaginary universe, shared by a whole community.

May it become your adventuring companion or a piece of collection. It is a tribute to you all, who have sustained the passion for the game with your enthusiasm.

- Duché de Bicolline.


La Marquise, The Battle of Bicolline's 25th Anniversary Dagger

La Marquise is the matching dagger to La Duchesse, Bicolline Battle’s 25th anniversary LARP sword. Their designs and color schemes intertwine in every possible way, and yet, the dagger feels very unique, far from just a side weapon when carrying both.


La Duchesse Sword Scabbard

Created to carry the anniversary sword by Calimacil, this scabbard keeps the blade tightly in place thanks to its golden elastomer chapes and support leather strap. Its aristocratic appearance makes it a perfect choice for a noble, merchant, knight, prince, general, or any member of the upper class in LARP.


La Marquise's Dagger Scabbard

This luxury leather scabbard was created in collaboration between Les Artisans d'Azure, Calimacil, and Dracolite to celebrate Bicolline's Battle 25th anniversary. Decorated by a rich dye and laser engraved patterns, this scabbard presents a prestigious finish making it a great accessory for diplomatic and political events, while also beeing of practical use on the battlefield for a sidearm.


The Battle of Bicolline's 25th Anniversary Belt

Made to carry both Bicolline scabbards, the sword and the dagger, the belt is also usable alone and is a great addition to any medieval costume. Available in Deluxe of Veteran, it can match the version of the other items from the matching set you picked.