Welcome To Green Dragon Month!

April is here, and with it the awakening of our Green Dragon! Born under the sign of the Earth, the green dragon is characterized by its love of nature and its connection to geothermal energy! Get ready for a month full of surprises with our Green Dragon!

The Gaïa Collection is coming!

CaliWorld continues to build!

Following the launch of The Chapter of the 7th Seal and Cult Of The Awakened collections, discover the brand-new Gaïa collection!

Like our Green Dragon, Gaïa refers to the earth and the energies that surround it.

Throughout the month, you'll be able to admire the items in this collection and discover its history in detail!

Get ready for the giveaways!

The Green Dragon has planned an anthology contest that you can't miss!

Try your luck on the following giveaway to win a 20th anniversary revival sword or an item from our partner Mytholon!

Green Dragon Fan Fiction Contest

It's Green Dragon Month at Calimacil, we invite you to channel your creativity and craft an intriguing origin story for our iconic Green Dragon. In 300 to 600 words, delve into a world of ancient magic and eerie wonders, revealing how this legendary creature came to be.

Capture the essence of the Green Dragon and enrich its background with your own creativity! The winning story will not only receive an exclusive prize, but will also be published on our website, immortalizing your contribution to the Calimacil universe.

Dust off your feathers, ignite your creative spirit and immerse yourself in the mystique of the Green Dragon. Submissions are open until April 30. Don't miss your chance to participate bringing to life the Green Dragon, one of the most beloved dragons in the Calimacil universe!

Congratulations on finding the code for the contest! The code is "EARTHQUAKE"