The Mosaic: A Collaborative Project by Calimacil

Calimacil's 20th anniversary is filled with exciting collaborative projects, including the CaliHOUSE and the CaliCON. Among the most anticipated is The Mosaic!

Starting in April 2024, artists will have until August 31 to complete their work and return it to Calimacil. Each artist will paint a 12 x 12 inch tile, and the final piece will measure an impressive 8 x 10 feet. This masterpiece will be displayed at the Calimacil site for visitors to admire, and it can be relocated for larger events.

Discover all the details about this project on this page and follow its progress!

What is The Mosaic Project?

The Mosaic is a collaborative project designed to celebrate the spirit of cooperation within the LARP community. This initiative will bring together 80 artists and immersive world enthusiasts from over a dozen countries to create a magnificent mosaic displayed at our premises. To bring this project to life and showcase the collaborative spirit of Calimacil and its partners, we are inviting artists, craftspeople, friends, and creative enthusiasts from the world of immersive games and LARP to participate.

What Does The Mosaic Represent?

Directed by artist Daniel Coulombe, the mural is a symbol of cooperation, passion and a dynamic image of the community, its collaborations and diversity. The project is intended as a synergy, a showcase for Calimacil's craftsmen and partner companies, and for the world of LARP and immersive games.

List Uptaded of artists participating in the mosaic project

Ann Smith / Thomas Lefebvre / Anna Munroe / Sandra Tremblay / Michèle Bujold / Némésis / Bicolline / Artisans d'Azure / Camps Légendaires / Sher-Lames / Karaté Kazoku Sherbrooke / Arthur Lessard

- How to Participate?

Step 1

Register officially by e-mailing Daniel Coulombe ( Complete a form indicating: name, e-mail address, country, partner in connection with Calimacil; a paragraph explaining your interest in LARP and the world of visual arts.

The theme of the 80 works is LARP and the medieval world. You can refer to the examples given in the appendix for the process of creating your work.

Step 2

Once your entry has been approved by the person in charge, you will receive a 12 x 12 inch (30.5 x 30.5 cm) tile. There is no charge to you (round-trip shipping included). Details and instructions on how to make the artwork and what to consider are given inside the package and also via e-mail.

Step 3

Return the artwork to Calimacil by the project deadline (August 31, 2024, the artwork must be received by Calimacil). An e-mail will confirm receipt of the work by the manager.  This is important, as after this date the person in charge reserves the right to refuse the work due to installation delays.

Unveiling Date

The unveiling date for the mural is Friday, November 1, during CaliCON 2024. Held at the company itself (1150 rue Deschaillons, Quebec, Canada), CaliCON is an annual collaborative convention showcasing artisans, creators and leaders in the field.

Companies and organizations specializing in the immersive entertainment market unveil their know-how and experience, as well as their past, present and future creations and projects.