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Absolutely incredible!

First I can start off with, the sword is beautiful! When I took out of the package I ogled it for 20 minutes before beginning to use it. The design of the sword is realistic, you would think it's real from a distance away. The guard's design has me distracted by how nice it is and, oh boy the handle. The handle if by far my favorite part of the sword. Its got both a glorious appearance and feel when holding it. As for the durability it's the real deal. I've been sparring with my brother quite a lot since I got the sword and we fight very aggressively, bruises can easily happen so we used armor. Some of the armor was rough and would easily scratch or tear a normal larp sword but, not the almighty Steel Sword of Calimacil Quality. So I can testify that this sword is strong. The stiffness of the blade combined with some flexibility and you got Calimacil quality swords. The stiffness allows me to bind, easily block, and parry reliably. The flexibility prevents the blade from breaking which most definitely helps with the durability of the sword.

Easily the best sword I've ever gotten. If you're looking for a good sword to spar or larp with, this is a fantastic choice!

Marteau de mes rêves

Je suis peut-être débutant en gn mais j’ai combattu face à cette arme et elle m’a vendu du rêve de L’obtenir un jour.

Imparfaitement parfaite

J'ai acheté la Gorz (dirk) pour ma petite fille de deux ans et comme épée de secours. Le fini usé est magnifique, la poignée est d'une belle grosseur pour un adulte, mais acceptable pour un enfant aussi. Je la recommande a tout les personnages un peux pauvres ou crasseux. Elle devrait être toujours disponnible en plusieurs grandeur.

Wow, haute qualiter, livraison rapide

Imparfaitement parfaite

J'ai acheté la Gorz (dirk) pour ma petite fille de deux ans et comme épée de secours. Le fini usé est magnifique, la poignée est d'une belle grosseur pour un adulte, mais acceptable pour un enfant aussi. Je la recommande a tout les personnages un peux pauvres ou crasseux. Elle devrait être toujours disponnible en plusieurs grandeur.

Very nice sword

I received my sword about a month ago and it was HUGE! I knew the size of it when I bought it, but seeing it in person is another thing entirely. It is a little more than 6 feet long in total and I love it.

wow! mon garcon a été plus que satisfait il a commandé un réusiné et il est comme un neuf très bonne qualité.merci!!

One Of A Kind

First of all, this weapon matches Calimacil's standards for wondrous durability and artistic detail for their foam weapons; not much more needs to be said there, as they remain first class in these regards.
As for performance, the doppelsoldner's weight makes swinging it take a lot more effort than most other weapons, so using both hands is extremely important for control (Do Not attempt to wield this monster one-handed, unless you want your shoulder to complain the rest of the day), but it remains just as safe to hit as other Calimacil weapons. The sheer enormity of this thing also allows for more technique than just slashing around. For example, grabbing the wrapped blade below the quillons effectively turns it into a spear, which is actually a historical use for a weapon of this size.
And speaking of size (and history), Calimacil have truly outdone themselves with this weapon. As far as my lengthy searching has found, this is the ONLY historically accurate instance of a foam greatsword on the market (most greatswords historically measured around 60-70 inches, or 5-6 feet, from blade tip to pommel); all other competing brands create longsword-length weapons (stopping around 48-55 inches), but label them greatswords. The amount of effort put into making something so large safe and structurally stable must have been challenging, and so a special thank you goes to the R&D people who figured that out. Of particular note, however, are the rings on the crossguard, which as noted elsewhere, are clearly fragile near the bulbs. Mine haven't broken, but it's clear the point of connection is a bit too small for the kind of abuse the weapon is likely to face through prolonged use.

Overall though, despite what amounts to a single minor flaw, if you're looking for a PROPER greatsword for LARP, this is the absolute best you can find. As of the time of writing this, there is legitimately zero competition for professionally made and historically accurate foam greatswords.


Very nice quality shirt, its thick the color is vibrant, most importantly it was a gift and it fit great all in all I am very happy with my product and will order again in the future.

prety usefull

prety useful with metal armor or to avoir injury in forarm.

Petite arme pratique et facile à utiliser

La qualité est merveilleuse malgré plusieurs bulles sur l'épée et les dagues mais je les adores elles sont faciles à manier et très discrètes .

Gerallt sword

First class service. Excellent product.

Arme de choix

J'ai récemment acheté la Baen Si II et j'en suis plus que satisfait, une arme robuste, d'un poid raisonnable qui donne envi de découper des humains, la poignée est parfaite pour les gens doté de grandes mains. Avec une épée comme celle-là vous rendrez certainement toutes les peaux vertes de votre GN jaloux.


As ordered, as expected, as delivered. Will gladly purchase again.

Norn dagger

High quality and very detailed. Fast shipping. Love it!

Awesome weapon !
The weight is reat, i enjoy every sweeps and the fighting style !

A wonderful peace for most settings

The bracer arrived somewhat flat by transport, but after an hour of wear already rounded nicely. Looks great with my costume so far and am excited to go live with it in August!

The sword to beat all swords

I would like to preface my review by saying that I do not larp as there is not one in my area, instead I use all of my swords for combat practice. This is by far the best sword I own. I got mine in the unique section of the website, and as such mine is the bastard length.
I got it about two years ago, and after two years of rather abusive use, it still looks as good as when i got it. The grip is amazing, the blade is perfect, and the balance (when used with two hands) is perfect. All in all it's an amazing sword that will fit a great variety of costumes.

Great Bastard Sword

Great light weight sword which feel very balanced when swing.
If you looking for something to fight in a LARP or looking to work on your long-sword forms.
The price is great looks nice. Everyone who I have lent my sword to loves it.
My issue with this sword is that the cross guard is really flimsy.

Great for any level

This was my first real purchase for my LARP kit 5 years ago and it is still going strong. It looks amazing getting compliments wherever it goes and even someone like me with 0 experience and training in any form of combat could tell the difference it made in LARP combat. It looks great, easy to use, and its safe. Definitely thinking about getting mine a partner.

Norn the seal of fate

Parfait. A a voir dans son équipement
just Perfect. must be in your equipment

They seem to fly well, cant wait to use them in the field

You ask, they deliver!

Mixed an Elren'dar handle, color #2 with a long hammered scimitar, color silver and it is all hope for, the grip is great, the lenght exactly what i needed and the look, what i dreamt of. Takes a while to get the delivery, it's custom so that is to be expected, so order in advance.

Good look and versatilty

Fits almost any concept and just look stunning. A good generic look and versatility is important to me since i do multiple characters.

Great fit and look

Just got them with my pads, i tried with and without the pads. They really are a pair, super comfy with them and the greaves protect enough mobility is good and look really good. Would recommend.