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This heavy-Duty cloak came in ready to use! No funky smells, no issues, a clever small clasp on a canvas-type adventurers cloak, perfect for getting lost in the woods!

perfect !

perfect !

Great shirt

Good quality and comfortable, perfect for a battle.

Perfect shoulder bag

Nice and simple design for small items. Light weight but adds the right flair to any kit.

Looking for a great dagger... search no more

This dagger feels amazing in the hand, well balanced, and just beautiful looking. Not bad for a refurbished weapon as it had a couple blemishes but it looks like battle damage.

Beautiful craftsmanship

The pics don't do this sword justice... probably one of the most beautiful swords I now have in my collection. Definitely growing to be one of my favorites... only minor issue I have with this is the handle is too round. Can't wait to go into battle with the amazing sword once Covid is gone.


Great item, can hardly tell it was a refurb. I have great plans for this...

Great Item.

Couldn't even tell it was a refurb.

Epee ragnar II

Tout était parfait

Great Buckler

I have been uaing it several times now. The only issue i have is that it falls apart. The weight and durability is good. It function like the real buckler. I would recommend it. It is much better that other buckler for sale.

Best hunting knife

Très bonne dague de chasse mais la mousse un peu dur mais j'ai vraiment hâte de l'essayer en GN

Great dagger!

I am a huge fan of Calimacil weapons they are the best! I needed this dagger for my kit I was building and it exceeded expectations.

Top knotch

Better than the pictures. Goregous sword with Incredible detail. Edda, is proof that calimacil continues to improve its craft.

Lucretzia - with rapier blade.

Perfect match for my Treville rapier. Used for parrying and close & personal in-fighting.

Pirate Baldric - Brown
'Pirate' baldric

Bought this to carry my Treville rapier, perfect combination. Looks good and gives off nice musketeer vibes. Need to bee-wax it though as the material was slightly dry on delivery. Normal maintenance.


Very happy with it. Actually works to fence with. Looks really good with my late 16th century kit.

I'm in love

I absolutely love this sword, looks just like the image. They communicated perfectly. I will be doing more business with them in the future!

Secure and comfortable.

Ordered a pair for myself to add to my own set of armor, and they offer much more comfort and confidence in protection. They fit really well once secured and are very affordable. Recommend to anyone considering to buy these, as they will make a difference to your own set of armor.

Fit great and function great.

Bought these to offer extra padding to my forearms underneath steel bracers. The protection feels spot on, and is very comfortable, even during impact. I don't expect much harm will be of any cause once these are added to your own set of armor. Not to mention just how affordable they are, they also feel official when equipped as medieval pieces of armor or even attire. Recommend to anyone who's seeking a bit more comfortable padding to add to their own armor sets!

Simple, fitting and very affordable price.

I've been looking for a decent belt crafted from actual leather in this style, and I'm glad I found this one on Calimacil and had no doubt they'd have something for me. The belt feels very genuine and secures very well at the waist, it absolutely looks the part and I'm glad I bought it from here. Although, since its made from leather, be sure not to neglect it too much, as the quality has a chance to degrade if you don't take proper care of it or store it away reasonably. Very pleased with this purchase and recommend to anyone looking to buy this belt, as it is very affordable.

Stylish and nice-fitting.

Bought this gorget to attach the large set of the "Adam spaulders", and they come together nicely. The gorget is delivered oiled and will be greasy on unpackaging, but that is necessary so that the steel wont rust. I'd advise that anyone considering buying metal armor should research on maintaining said armor as to avoid rusting, maintenance costs little time, effort and money and is worth it in the long run. As with my purchase, the gorget helps complete the look of my own set of armor, and I have to say that I am pleased with this purchase and recommend to anyone considering this piece if they are looking to complete a set of their own armor!

Great looking spaulders

Bought these spaulders in their blank steel version, and I have to admit, their pretty great and feel just right once secured to your own set of armor. As they are steel, they are delivered oiled and feel greasy upon unpackaging, but this is entirely understandable since it is meant to keep from rusting. A bit of wiping down doesn't hurt, but it is also ideal to have maintenance to any steel armor such as this if you want to avoid the rust. The Spaulder provide a nice sense of protection around your entire shoulders and upper arms, and have nice weight to them, but are not very heavy with lighter armor combinations such as leather, but I expect a full suit of metal armor will weigh you down faster throughout the day. They look great and complete an important section of my own armor set, so I'm very pleased with this purchase. If anyone is considering to buy these for themselves, I recommend, and don't be put off too much if you're thinking about maintaining the armor, it doesn't take much and costs little to do so.

Great Design

Bought this vest to complete a custom set of armor for myself, and it fits really well once adjusted. Feels secure during movement and is not restricting to the torso, the vest provides good protection from slashing strikes, but less so from direct thrusts (Although I do not recommend using this armor against sharp blades, as that is obviously a bad idea, it is ideal mainly for larp or using blunt training equipment for practice sessions or sparring just for fun). Got to say, the craftsmanship is superb as well, and absolutely looks the part when it comes to medieval armor, or even fantasy. Very pleased with this purchase and expect that it will last for a very long time with the proper care and storage, as it is suede and may degrade if neglected or stored in unreasonable areas. Take of your armor and it takes care of you! Recommend to anyone interested in purchasing it!

Thank's, nice belt &CA made🙋🇨🇦🤳😄😎😷stay safe & by for now🎉🎊✌️


A really cool, great quality item as usual.