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One is for killing monsters.... the other is for killing humans...

This blade is in my opinion the best Calimacil product I have purchased. The balance is an absolute dream to manage. It is an eye catching piece where nearly everyone I encountered, while I had it, was utterly impressed with the design. (Unfortunately I had to return it and am awaiting the delivery of my new one after the first being damaged during shipment.) It should be understood the blade is much thinner than most available from Calimacil. This means hard strikes will likely be a little more painful than normal, which Calimacil in my play groups is already known for. Still, if wielded with that in mind it seems light enough to use quickly rather than powerfully. I’m not sure what construction, if at all different, has been put into the core but it feels more rigid than my other swords. Not a complaint, just an observation. All in all, even with the shipment issues I love this sword. Lastly, Witcher is awesome and I look forward to other collaborations that may occur in the future.

Perfect in every way

The quality and durability is far beyond what I could have anticipated. My son, and even I (When I happen to pick it up), enjoy it very much.

Wonderful Product with incredible quality

The Arc Staff is an amazing product with incredible attention to detail and outstanding quality! Absolutely worth the purchase

Black Novice 2 Flamberge Longsword

Amazing that I could have this beauty made, truly a great fantasy come to life.
I really wanted a homage to Toothless the Dragon and am really happy how it turned out. 20mm Cabochons and an easy leather wrap finished the look.

Golden Novice II Longsword

Love this sword, the gold is just a bit shinier than the silver and looks great against the black.
I really wanted a sword with the vibe of Finn’s first sword Scarlet from Adventure Time. The Cabochons are 20mm and fit perfectly and the leather wrap for the hilt was nice and easy.

Best pants ever

Maintenant mes pantalons de GN préféré. Le tissu est incroyable !

My first swords

I just got the swords an I love. Them there r no damages on the weapons an they don't hurt to bad if u get hit to hard an I'll be buying more soon

Outstanding, fantastic Weapons

I ordered three of these bad boys. One is a Magnus with a steel colored fantastic blade, and the other two used an Eli handle with a cavalry saber on one and a hammered scimitar on the other. All three look amazing and all three held up well in battle and I use the Fantastic blade as a display. I cannot accurately convey my excitement and satisfaction with these blades. I plan to acquire more in the future months.

Juste somptueuse !

Bien plus grande que je ne l'imaginais, c'est de loin la plus belle de toutes mes armes Calimacil (et j'en ai 19 ! ). Les couleurs sont vraiment magnifiques et après plusieurs combats, je la trouve parfaite dans son équilibre poids/maniabilité/résistance aux assauts. Je suis vraiment très heureux de mon achat !

For wife... :)

Bought this one for my wife. Compared to my own Nilweth this weapon is (IMO) too heavily balanced towards the hilt. However, as my wife has some issue with her wrist-strength it works out really well for her. She is extremely pleased with both the handling and aesthetics of the weapon.

Cool and easy to fight with...the long black/red one!

A well balanced weapon, moves smoothly. Wish it had a thrusting tip...but no complaints!

1-handed axe...slight adjustments made to fix...

Beautiful weapon, nice detailing. However, the 1-handed version is slightly unbalanced with too much weight towards the handle. I killed 2 birds with one stone by re-enforcing the underside of the joint between head and shaft with a piece of heavy leather, to avoid breakage when shield hooking. I then wrapped the shaft-part of the thick leather with leather strapping (5-6 cm down the shaft). Now the weapon looks even better, it also balances beautifully and moves much faster.


This was my 7th purchase from calimacil, and it has been the best. Absolutely beautiful, and surprisingly light. This sword is lighter than the novice bastard, yet it is still longer and more comfortable to handle. 10/10

the best halberd head. cheap and reliable. best way to get a good weapon

Super épée

J'adore ma nouvelle épée... Elle très bien balancé et elle est super belle en plus. j'ai hâte de me battre avec....

Bon marteau

Excellente conception de marteau mais il est un peu dure par contre..... Les têtes de bélier font en sorte que la mousse est assez compacte. J'espère que ça va passer le test des GN.

Very cool

Highly detailed, sturdy, feels good in your hands; not cheap at all.

Amazing weapon

It is honestly the bed larp weapon I have ever seen. The weight and balance is perfect and the visual makes you think it is a real sword. The difference with a Hema nylon simulator is finally just the foam aspect. But the feeling is exactly the same. A really really good job.

amazing work

it looks amazing and the handle is comfy to grab with 1 and 2 hand


I ordered a sword with a red blade and it’s durable, comfortable and very well balanced I plan on making a couple more in the coming months

Beautiful sword

This sword is absolutely stunning!! Perfect for my witcher Larp character!!

My only complaint is it has slight damage from travel i think as it has a big dent in the foam as i un packed it. Other then that i love it! Cant wait for the silver sword!!

Finest Steel a Witcher Could ask for

Upon seeing this sword's announcement, I knew I must have it. And having now held it in my hands, I can honestly say I was not wrong in the slightest for ordering it.
A masterpiece of production from Calimacil, the blade's dimensions are well balanced and proportional for a longsword, giving the wielder more than enough reach while maintaining the agility required for proper use. Starting at the hilt, the pommel feels very comfortable in the hand if you prefer to set your hand down that far. If you wish to choke up more, it makes a perfect resting place for the heel of your hand while you grasp the intricate, detailed, and incredibly grippy faux wire wrap. Beyond the spacers at the center of the grip is a more spacious wire wrap, which was perfectly sized to my hand (small/medium sized man hands). Moving up to the guard, visually it is as stunning as it is effective. The molded twist in the quillons gives it a nice grasp if you wish to bring your finger over the guard for a more aggressive point control, and the center of the guard has a nice rest to the left and right for your thumb if you wish to attempt various techniques outside of traditional cuts.
Upward still comes the blade, which has very well done makers marks on either side, one for Calimacil and one for The Witcher, subtle enough to go unnoticed and yet very clear when showing off this fine blade. The paint on the blade really comes alive with the light silver edge that fades into the darker steel of the spine.
I do wish I could say my particular one were 100% immaculate, but unfortunately that isn't the case with any product made by human hand. There are some minor air bubbles and holes in the foam, though definitely nothing to worry about. I only mention it because there's little else to say bad, I can't just rave about this sword. Other than that, there is a small discoloration on my blade, though it adds quite a bit of character overall, almost like acidic monster blood that couldn't be cleaned.

Beautifull sword

As to me the sword looks fantastic, for newbies it could be a bit heavy, but honestly for me it is really comfortable.

Adventurer's Scabbard - Brown (Right-hand)
Nice Item

It's a really good item which is made from a really good leather material!


Rien à dire, reçu dans les temps, qualité toujours au rendez-vous. Calimacil reste une valeur sure !