Welcome to the Gaia universe, an enchanting realm crafted by Calimacil. This world is deeply inspired by the wonders of nature, where epic tales of heroism and adventure unfold. The Sentinels of Gaia are the guardians of this realm, dedicated to preserving its natural harmony and defending against encroaching darkness.

Each weapon and accessory in the Gaia collection reflects the beauty and power of nature, from ancient forests to majestic mountains. Join us in this immersive world, where you can align with powerful factions, encounter legendary beings, and become a part of the legend.

Step into the Gaia universe and experience the magic of nature.



In the heart of a vibrant camp, the crowd's cheers echoed as a victorious warrior emerged. Amidst the celebration, a stout fighter with boar tusks helped up a burly opponent in a bearskin, hinting at a budding friendship.

As the aspiring Guardian stepped forward, she shook off her armor and gripped her sword, its amber eyes gleaming in the sunlight. Facing a larger, lupine opponent, she drew strength from the mountain lion's spirit within her.

The bell rang, and with feline agility, she outmatched her opponent, ending the fight with her sword tip drawing a point of crimson. She extended a hand to her fallen foe as the crowd roared.

The Karkatau sword embodies this spirit of nature and combat. With its amber-eyed hilt and robust design, it channels the raw power and agility of a mountain lion, perfect for aspiring Guardians and seasoned warriors alike.

Become a Guardian


In the serene groves of the Gaia universe, Sursaila stands as a symbol of wisdom and nature's harmony. Chosen by the owl and blessed with its insight, the Druids who wield Sursaila are entrusted with performing great revival rituals. These rituals guide the Sentinels of Gaia, drawing strength from the whispers of the forest and the heartbeat of the earth.

In the twilight hours, Druids gather around sacred stones, their staffs crowned with the amber-eyed owl. As their incantations rise, they connect deeply with the natural world, feeling the energy of the grove. This ritual not only renews the magic within the forest but also strengthens the bond between nature and the souls who protect it.

Sursaila, meaning "Wind of Wisdom," is designed to bring this enchanting essence to your LARP experience. Perfect for Druids, sages, and mystics, this versatile foam staff head channels ancient wisdom, allowing you to deepen your connection with nature and uncover the secrets of the earth.

Discover the power and grace of Sursaila, and let the wisdom of the owl guide you in your role-playing adventures​

Empower the Druid


Step into the enchanted forests of the Gaia universe with Hendirun, a symbol of elven artistry and nature’s stealth. Crafted for those who walk the path of the scout or ranger, this foam LARP sword features a hilt adorned with amber-eyed weasel, representing cleverness and stealth. Its leaf-shaped crossguard and flowing handle design reflect the natural world revered by elves and druids.

The legend of Hendirun speaks of a vigilant scout who, with the sharp eyes of a weasel, protects his community as they traverse sacred lands. In a tale of cunning and swift justice, the scout thwarts danger with silent precision, ensuring the safety of his people. Hendirun, meaning "Eye of the Wood," captures this spirit, making it the perfect companion for any LARP enthusiast seeking to embody the stealth and wisdom of the forest.

With a durable foam construction, Hendirun offers a safe yet immersive experience, whether you choose the short or long blade version. Perfect for elf rangers, druid warriors, and anyone seeking to connect deeply with nature’s mysteries.

Discover the magic and agility of Hendirun, and let the eye of the wood guide your adventures​

Scout ahead your enemies

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