Technical Description

Calimacil Weapons Features

  • Superior durability
  • Safe
  • Spectacular realism
  • Maintenance free
  • Reliable at all temperatures (-30°C to +100°C)
  • Weather resistant
  • Latex free

Technical Description of a Calimacil Weapon

Calimacil sword

Calimacil weapons are made of expanded polymer foam developed in Quebec in collaboration with a team of chemists, engineers and professional molders. This foam gives Calimacil weapons a high endurance in combat by its unrivaled tear strength, resistance to perforation and crushing due to repeated blows in battle.

This foam offers better energy absorption than the best foams used by the manufacturer of latex and reduces the rebound strokes. To make the weapon more durable and robust, we use a manufacturing process that makes the polymers expand and bond directly around and to the rod and in the desired shape. The rod itself is made from high quality fiberglass (FRP) for superior handling.

The tip of the rod is reinforced with a composite material that prevents perforation of the foam by the rod, allowing a safe use of the weapon in combat. Ongoing efforts put by our research and development team allows Calimacil to improve its products regularly to provide players with weapons of great realism and performance without compromising security.

Blade Profiles

Blade Profiles

The profile of the blade has been polished and perfected to not only maximize its safety and durability, but also to give it a realistic look. Furthermore, the weight of the weapon is balanced in order to enhance its handling. We offer different blade profiles for every need, and every LARP rule. Calimacil aims to always exceed customer expectations, increase the reliability of their product, and offer more realistic weapons, either historical or fantastic!

Security and Endurance

Optimal tip
Optimal tip: secure and durable

The reinforcement is made of a matrix composite of fiberglass/nylon or Kevlar/polymer which prevents the perforation of the foam. With its unfailing foam, the weapon becomes a trusted partner during all close range battles. Calimacil's exclusive polyurethane foam provides durability and fatigue resistance against repeated blows during major battles. Even if the surface is cut, the foam remains strong and safe. Calimacil: reliability you can count on!


Durability & Reliability
Durability & Reliability

No maintenance required! No need to add powder, silicon, or extra coating. You can also slip your weapon into a leather sheath without the risk of damaging it as it is highly resistant to friction.

No coating is used. Even if it is severed by a steel knife, the foam maintains its strength and remains safe.

Calimacil Strength

Resists Punctures

The molding process allows all the materials from which the weapon is made to fuse together perfectly: a composite rod, reinforced tip, and high-quality polymers merge to become one solid item.

Notice how the foam resists punctures.

The weapon tip is also lined with a fibre matrix for increased safety (fiberglass/nylon or Kevlar/polymer).

How the Foam Reacts to Blows

Harsh Blow
Harsh Blow
Deformed Pommel
The pommel is deformed but stays attached to the handle

Illustrated here is the absorption of energy by the foam to prevent a sharp blow, which could make the inner rod of the weapon collide with one's arm, head, etc. A foam that is too soft would cause a bruise and be painful, but a foam too hard would result in direct injury.

Tough and Flexible Hilts

rigid enough
Rigid enough
Weight Attached
55 pounds ( 25 kg ) attached
to the hilt.

The hilts are flexible enough to remain safe but rigid enough to ward off stiff blows.

Weather Resistant

Snow Resistant

Our weapons can be used at almost any temperature: -30°C to +100°C, in the rain, sun, water, and snow.

The materials are merged and have no glue that could come undone due to heat, cold or with time. The foam remains soft even in winter.

Spectacular Realism

The precision of the casting faithfully reproduces the details found on a metal weapon in a museum. Hand brushing techniques using an extremely flexible paint give the hilts and blades a metallic color. The shapes and proportions used make the weapon more realistic due to the high quality of materials and Calimacil know-how. Weapons are painted by hand with realistic-looking metallic finishes. The blade has a high-gloss finish due to the metal particles on its surface. Surplus particles may detach slightly during the first days of use, but the blade will retain its metal color. Note that these particles are harmless.

Weight and Balance

Dimond Blade

The weapon's weight and its placement play a crucial role in its safety and performance. At Calimacil, we seek the best compromise between realism, performance and safety.



Calimacil is so confident about its product that it offers a one-year warranty. Calimacil weapons are covered by a limited warranty for a period of 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. Any product found defective by Calimacil Inc., with presentation of proof of purchase will be repaired or replaced with a new product of the same type, at the discretion of Calimacil Inc. Transportation costs, shipping and handling charges are borne by the consumer. For all details, visit our Warranty page.


Instructions for Use and Limitations

  • Hold the handle; strike with the blade while controlling your strength.
  • Do not use the weapon as a walking stick.
  • Avoid forcing the weapon or bending it like a bow or tiny cracks might appear in the rod and make the weapon fragile.
  • Avoid hitting against hard, sharp, or massive objects (i.e. concrete wall, boulder, sharp blade, tree, carts, war machines, etc).
  • Avoid blows to the head and face.
  • Do not place in a fire.
  • Do not glue or repair the blade with materials that harden.

LARP Approval

Calimacil does not guarantee that its weapons will be accepted in all LARPs. Visit our Partners page for a list LARPs that have given their support so far. If a Calimacil weapon is refused at the homologation of a LARP, contact us with details and contact information of the LARP and the reason why the weapon was rejected. We will take the necessary steps with the representatives.