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Adam gorget

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Just like all the other "Adam" armour parts this gorget has a stiffening corrugation along the outer rim. This simple decoration adds style and stability to the gorget. All Mytholon spaulders can be combined with the "Adam" gorget. Material: 1,2mm steel Colour: blank, browned All other \\"Adam\\" series\\' products are listed here. Maybe you take a look at our Padded Jackets to wear them underneath your Armour. This maximizes the comfort wearing it. You might consider a combination with a Chainmaille-Shirt?

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Stylish and nice-fitting.

Bought this gorget to attach the large set of the "Adam spaulders", and they come together nicely. The gorget is delivered oiled and will be greasy on unpackaging, but that is necessary so that the steel wont rust. I'd advise that anyone considering buying metal armor should research on maintaining said armor as to avoid rusting, maintenance costs little time, effort and money and is worth it in the long run. As with my purchase, the gorget helps complete the look of my own set of armor, and I have to say that I am pleased with this purchase and recommend to anyone considering this piece if they are looking to complete a set of their own armor!

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