Agrippa II, The Destreza - Calimacil LARP Sword Rapier

Agrippa II

the Destreza

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Title: Master


My name is Baltasar De La Rosa and I'm here to destroy your life like you ruined mine. You do not know me but 25 years ago you slaughtered my family and besmirched the honour of our name. Unfortunately, your men missed a small child hidden in a secret cupboard... "En Garde" traitor and prepare to taste the cold steel of my rapier! I've trained day and night for the last twenty years under the best Spanish disciples of Grand Master Aggripa for the sole reason of piercing your heart. One by one, I've tracked your associates and exacted the most furious of revenge upon them. Ahh, you finally understand... The fear that shows on your face is only the beginning of a long, painful journey, I promise you that.


This sword, the second version of our most popular rapier, was designed with a special rod that grants great flexibility to the flat side of the blade while retaining a certain rigidity on the edges and tip. This allows safe thrusting and slashing attacks as well as parries. The new guard is removable, so you can use your rapier as you used the first one. Flexible, this guard will help you save your fingers from blows whit remaining safe.


A typical sword of the Renaissance, this rapier longs for the deft hands of a taunting duelist whose silvered tongue is as sharp as her blade. Musketeers, pirates and elven nobles will want to arm themselves with one to vanquish their adversaries with its superior speed and agility.


  • Weight (g): 580
  • Total Length (cm): 107
  • Blade Length (cm): 81
  • Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
  • Blade color: Steel
  • Blade Type: Rapier
  • Handle length (cm): 26
  • Grip length (cm): 11
  • Cross guard width (cm): 19
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Swishy thing

I love this sword, it looks amazing and really flows in the hand. I can't wait to biff with it

A good blade to have at your side

The Agrippa II is a very nice blade. While it is a tad heavy, it does its job and does its job well. It is by far my most sturdy of blades that I own and is very useful when I want to play a more fancy character. The fact that it needs minimal care is just frosting on the cake.

My favorite sword

I bought my Agrippa II years ago, and this sword is still my favorite in my collection. It’s snappy, has a good weight, feels good in the hand, and looks good sheathed or unsheathed. You can also pistol grip it like a true rapier, which is how I always use it.
The battle damage over the years has been extremely minimal, and it can certainly stand up to the test of time.

Love it

Showed up 5 days early. Going to be great!

One for all

I fence in several historical groups, and bring that skill to our larp. The Agrippa 2 is as heavy as my schlager, a bit blade heavy,
edge hits with authority, tip bends well. I look forward to engaging with my fellow musketeers in taking down some evil doers!

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