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Alchemist's Jar

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After the great war, the alchemists of the kingdom kept their secrets in large jars, in the dark suburbs. They say that powerful weapons, powerful poisons or even the serum of eternal life can be found ...

The perfect throwing weapons for characters who like alchemy. These throwing weapons do not have a core, so they are very flexible. This product is hand-painted and the final finish may vary, which makes each one totally unique.


  • Weight (g): 15
  • Diameter (cm): 4
  • Height (cm): 5
  • Material: Urethane Foam
  • Made in Spain

Made By Rawblade. This Product is not made by Calimacil. 
* Some small visuals defects might be visible


Rawblade is focused on the world of medieval reenactment and LARP. They rely on the know-how of Spanish crafts, with a long tradition of furs, leather, and steel, to contribute to the market. Inspired by the famous Toledo steel, Rawblade also develops armor and chainmail.

The team behind Rawblade comes from the expertise acquired at Eviltailors, El Taller de la Rosa, and Iron Buta. The hard work in designs and ideas that make up the Rawblade catalog is the result of inspiration in the world of medieval fantasy that has accompanied them since childhood. Rawblade can offer Larping and reenactment costumes products at a very competitive price. Both hats and leather goods are made 100% in Spain, adding the seal of quality of their crafts.

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