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Anselm fork big

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The large fork from our "Anselm" can be used as a barbecue or serving fork. Bigger roasts can be, together with the large chef´s knife from the same series, sliced and served easily. A large cold meat plate, decorated with this fork and the matching knife, should be emptied fast. Just like all parts from our "Anselm" series, this fork was designed to look rough. Two long spikes on top of a torqued beam with two wooden jackets - thats all there is to this great serving fork. The grip, made from two wooden jackets, is riveted to the handle with two brass pins. The fork, just like the rest of the "Anselm" series cutlery, can be stored away inside the "Anselm" roll bag. Small hint: wearing a "George" cape in the front, makes you a chef in no-time. Material: steel, wood Length: 29 cm Weight: app. 130 g

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