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Sphère arcanique

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In Seyrawyn’s universe, mages can develop several specializations. For example, on the island of Arisan, becoming a Gunner Mage is synonymous with distinction. Indeed, their abilities regarding spells and combat are as famous as they are formidable.

When a community is under siege by hordes of enemies, the Gunner Mages’ role is both to advise and support the Guardians of the territory. Much appreciated during combat, a handful of these valorous mages makes all the difference between victory and defeat.

The training of these wise warrior mages is rigorous. It is divided equally between the study of energy fields and spells, and the learning of the handling of the Gunner’s Staff.

Once they can master the art of throwing the Arcane Sphere, the mages are ready. These spell-casting warriors are sure to stand out on the battlefield, and  during the Mages Games.



Since many centuries ago, when times are peaceful, Gunner Mages play to train their warriors, to heal both the body and the spirit, to entertain themselves or to solve disputes between the tribes. The challenges are thus laid down during friendly jousts named “Tewaarathon*” or Mages Games. In fact, these tournaments give the opportunity for everyone to assist to healthy competitions where strategy, teamwork and staff handling abilities.

*Tewaarathon: This native american (Mohawk) name designates the game we know today as Lacrosse.



This three inches wide ball is casted in Calimacil foam to ensure unequaled durability and safe use for many jousts to come. Multi-purpose, this item is an interesting addition to your spell-caster arsenal.  



Diameter of the Sphere (cm): 7,6
Weight of the Sphere (g): 50
Materials: Calimacil foam

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Super soft, super distance

The Arcane Spheres work very well with both the Gunner's Arcane Staff and thrown by hand. They are incredibly soft and squishy - I would find it hard to believe that they could injure anyone during regular use. These fly incredibly far and accurate - more so than standard packets in my experience. And even though they're soft, they will definitely be felt by the target, even through armor.

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