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Barbarian Pouch

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''What is best in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to feel the weight of their coins filling your purse.''

Description : 

This hide covered pouch is the perfect accessory for any barbarian character or adventurer from a savage land. Square shaped and closed by a buckled strap, it will keep your belongings safe and steady as you run accross the plains and forests, or defeat a sorcerer king. 


  • Black or brown leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
  • Auburn cow hide 
  • Brown leather lacing
  • Antique brass-plated buckle and rivets 


  • Height : 6 in // Width : 6 in // Depth : 3 in
  • Two straps at the back to hold on the belt

Made in Canada by les Artisans d'Azure

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