Dreki Greaves

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THE WARRIORS OF THE NORTH SHALL NEVER SURRENDER Epic Armoury’s Dreki Greaves are a set of greaves that covers the front of your lower legs and shin, while maintaining the same...

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Color: Matte Polish/Dark

Matte Polish/Dark

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Epic Armoury’s Dreki Greaves are a set of greaves that covers the front of your lower legs and shin, while maintaining the same nordic inspired, imposing, design that is common for the Dreki set. These robust two-coloured steel plates efficiently protect the the front of your lower legs while being held secure by and upper and lower leather strap along with a small steel plate that covered the back of your shin along with a brass covered tip that can be used for an additional strap to make it as secure as possible. With overlapping plates, rivets and its lean form, you can feel like a fantasy norsemen, braving the harsh wilderness and slaying ancient dragons among snow covered peaks.

The Dreki set has two colours, the primary being a Matte Polish and the secondary being Epic Dark, to highlight different aspects of the Dreki armour and again show its Nordic inspired roots. Made of 1 mm thick polished mild steel and top-grain leather straps and fittings, this armour piece is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armour care.


  • Based on fantasy inspired Nordic Armour from games such as Skyrim,Dark Souls and modern depictions in other fictional media
  • Made from 1mm/19 gauge thick mild steel
  • Rolled edges with no sharp edges
  • Straps and fittings made from top-grain leather
  • Hand made, riveting and assembly
  • Inspired by nordic fantasy armours as seen in fictional media
p>Epic Armoury metal works products should still be treated with oil and kept in dry storage. All our metal armours contain leather parts that need regular maintenance using leather-care products to keep the leather from drying out.


If your armour does get wet, it is important that you dry it thoroughly as soon as possible.

After handling, wearing, or after six months of storage or display, all metal should be wiped with a clean cloth. Lightly oil the clean surface with a quality machine or mineral oil. Alternatively, you can apply a coating of wax to the entire surface of exposed metal. Allow the wax to dry for a couple of hours and then buff it lightly with a soft cloth.

Rust-Prevention and Removal

Store your armour is a dry place and check it every couple of months for signs of rust. If any is found, remove it by gently rubbing the affected spot with a mildly abrasive pad dipped in paste wax, oil, or water-displacing liquid.

Leather Straps and Fittings

Clean by removing dirt with a hard brush, then gently rub on leather soap with a clean, damp cloth until the leather appears clean. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth to wipe away any soap residue and then use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water from the leather.

You should always condition leather after cleaning, since the soap will have removed some of its natural oils. Treat the leather with mink oil, olive oil, or beeswax polish with a clean cloth, gently rubbing a small amount of oil or polish in circles into the leather. Allow the leather to soak in the oil before wiping the leather with a final clean cloth to remove any excess residue.

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