The Warlock Staff

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Pareiesite the Warlock Staff, the second in our Cult of the Awakened series, evokes ancient eldritch vibes with its mysterious design. Crafted for comfort, it features a creature-like appearance with multiple eyes, enhanced by our ColorShift paint for an eerie allure. Inspired by cosmic horror myths, this staff embodies an otherworldly essence.

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Pareiesite the Warlock Staff is the second phantasm within our Cult of the Awakened tome, has kindled ancient eldritch reveries within our hearts. In accordance with the overarching theme, its name hints at the vigilant gaze of the inscrutable.

Crafted for a comfortable grip, the staff exhibits the visage of a creature adorned with numerous eyes, or perhaps multiple creatures intricately sculpted into its form. Utilizing our ColorShift paint, this product, upon close inspection, beckons with an eerie allure. Drawing inspiration from cosmic horror myths and ancient legendary monsters, the staff encapsulates a sense of the otherworldly.


In the dimly shrouded annals of an era beyond reckoning in the port city of Whalington, there walked a warlock, enshrouded in eldritch whispers and haunted by the ominous embrace of forbidden tomes. A pall of dread clung to his every step, as if the very earth recoiled beneath his feet. His countenance, a sinister amalgamation of shadow and malaise, bore witness to the unspeakable truths he had unearthed.

Within his lair, the walls whispered with arcane secrets, and the air itself seemed to thicken with unnatural malevolence. Yet, it was the warlock's staff that invoked the deepest unease—an artifact adorned with the grotesque: a cluster of eyes, unblinking and ever-watchful, ensnared within the tendrils of an otherworldly vine. Each eye held a universe of horrors, a window into dimensions beyond mortal comprehension.

The staff was his conduit to the arcane, a conduit that seemed to pulse with an unsettling energy, as if it yearned to connect with the very fabric of reality. With this staff, the warlock commanded powers beyond reckoning, and as joined the chant of his surrounding cultists in tongues long-forgotten, the eyes upon the staff would shimmer with an eerie light, casting strange and twisted shadows upon the chamber walls. The time was near.


This weapon is an excellent choice for those who seek, for better or for worse, to extend the limits of their perception and to part the veil of reality. Warlocks, cultists and seekers of eldritch knowledge will find many occasions to put it to excellent use.


  • Weight (g): 690
  • Total Length (cm): 152
  • Colors: Black, ColorShift Green, White, Yellow
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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