Elemental Flame V2 Type 1 - Embercrest Inferno

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Upgrade your Elemental Mage Staff V2 with the Embercrest Inferno – a groundbreaking enhancement offering unrivaled versatility. Experience seamless integration of new powers with its innovative design, allowing effortless element swapping via a simple screwdriver. Discover unparalleled potential for your character's arsenal today!

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Color: Blue


Staff not included. Fits V2 Elemental Mage Staff only.

Introducing the Embercrest Inferno, the ultimate enhancement for your Elemental Larp Staff V2. With its revolutionary design, this accessory brings unparalleled versatility to your character's arsenal. Easily remove and replace elements with a simple screwdriver, allowing seamless integration of new powers and abilities.


In the depths of the ancient chronicles of Zephyria lies a secret untold by the whispers of adventurers and the lore of magic wielders. Deep within the annals of time, hidden away from prying eyes, dwells the tale of a great sorcerer whose mastery over fire surpassed all. With a whispered incantation lost to the ages, this enigmatic figure could call forth flames of unparalleled intensity, binding them to the Elemental Staff with a power unmatched by any gem. As the flames danced and flickered, they whispered secrets of the elements themselves, weaving a tapestry of fire and magic that would forever alter the destiny of Zephyria.


The Embercrest Inferno, designed for the Elemental Larp Staff V2, offers versatility to a range of characters by harnessing the power of the elements. With the ability to change its color, the Embercrest Inferno allows wielders to control all four elements. Sorcerers, pyromancers, and passionate warriors can evoke fiery spells, while also adapting to command water, earth, and air with different colored variations. By embracing the Embercrest Inferno's transformative capabilities, characters become masters of elemental forces, leaving an indelible mark across the Larp battlefield.


  • Designed to Fit on the Elemental Staff V2 (Staff Not Included)
  • Removable
  • Weight (g): 128
  • Width (cm): 10
  • Flame Length (cm): 16

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