Elemental Mage Staff V2 without Gem

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Calimacl's Version 2 Elemental Mage Staff offers easy gem installation and precise control for immersive LARPing adventures. Crafted for durability and comfort, it requires specially designed crystals for full functionality. Embark on imaginative journeys today!

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Color: Birch


Gem or Flame sold separately.

Redesigned for easier removal of modular heads, the Version 2 Elemental Mage Staff by Calimacl features a larger screw for easy installation of compatible gems, each imbued with unique elemental powers. Crafted with meticulous detail, this staff offers durability, comfort, and precise control. Unleash your inner mage, wield the power of the elements, and embark on extraordinary LARPing adventures with the Larp Elemental Mage Staff. Are you ready to ignite your imagination?

*You Need one of the crystals especially designed for this staff to get the complete product.


In a world of magic, the Elemental Mage Staff emerges, a creation of ancient sorcerer artisans. This staff possesses a unique power—it can only harness the essence of one of four elemental Crystals. Without a Crystal, it is but an ordinary stick. However, when combined with the Crystal of Fire, one wields flames; with the Crystal of Water, control over life's essence; with the Crystal of Earth, the ability to shape mountains; and with the Crystal of Air, dominion over storms. In the hands of a skilled mage, the staff becomes a conduit for unimaginable power, though one must remain vigilant against its temptations. Legends speak of those who wielded the staff, revered as protectors and bearers of ancient secrets. This is their tale—the story of a staff, its master, and a legacy that echoes through the ages.


Druids, mages, and any character who wishes to control the elements would benefit from this staff.


  • Weight (g): 725
  • Total Length (cm): 133
  • Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam, Aluminium Fitting, and Screw.
  • Gem or Flame not included

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