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Elias Torso Short (Blank)

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A short body armour made from steel. The breast plate looks great when combined with a shirt of chainmail or with any clothing lurking up beneath it. Material: 1,2mm steel Designed in Germany by Mytholon.

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Very well made and priced

Great craftsmanship. I already had pauldrens and this excepted them with ease. Good leather as well. Very well priced for the exp'd or new larper or reenacter

great value price

the price is great for some light fencing protection. Don't expect this piece to fit if your much bigger than 36" or so; I'm about 50" with gambeson and maille, so this will be a project piece for me.

Breastplate bonanza

The breastplate is perfect, its exactly what i wanted. Can say that youll need help getting it on as the straps are a little awkwardly placed.

A great piece

I purchased this as a smaller sized female looking for my first metal piece of armor. I was not disappointed! It fits well, can easily be adjusted and is relatively comfortable for armor.
Great price, far delivery!

Elias torso armor

This torso armor is great, the pieces all came in clean and the straps had no signs of wear, alot of hard work went into this piece. This piece However falls short in the description, What i thought would be a nice chest piece to fight in battle with turned out to be fitted for a smaller more feeble frame. It was like watching a hefty ape attempt to fit into a girdle; everything spilled over and breathing was not an option. IF YOU BUY THIS BE SURE YOU ARE NOT BUILT with a BOD FRAME AT LEAST 2 TREES THICK. This armor is meant to be for a skeleton but the armor looks great and is sturdy so 10/10 on that part, but MAYBE CALIMACIL CAN GIVE A BETTER description on the measurements.

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