Warrior Bag Faux Leather

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Keep your essentials close at hand with the Small Faux Leather Warrior Bag from Epic Armoury. Designed for vegan-minded adventurers, this durable bag attaches securely to your belt and safely holds coins, potions, and other small items.

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Color: Black


Size: Large



The Small Faux Leather Warrior Bag is a faux leather version of the Small Leather Warrior Bag. It is designed to be attached to a belt, and with its sturdy brass-buckled strap and side flaps, it can be securely closed to shelter and protect minor items such as a coin pouch, potion vials and other items needed within reach.

The bag is made from durable polyurethane with stitching's along the edges to ensure your belongings remain secure during hectic activities such as sword fighting and other skirmishes. When adding the final touches to any character, the Small Faux Leather Warrior Bag is a practical solution for the vegan-minded adventurer.



A job well done! The captain throws you an approving nod as he hands you the agreed payment. You briefly inspect the silver coins and place them in your warrior bag next to the faintly glowing health potion. The contents of this bag have sustained you many times over.


  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Height: Small: 11 cm ; Large: 15 cm
  • Length: Small: 15 cm ; Large: 19.5 cm
  • Width: Small: 6 cm ; Large: 9 cm

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