Fighter Gorget with Pauldrons

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This stylish and protective ensemble features a sleek gorget complemented by intricately detailed pauldrons, offering both functionality and a bold aesthetic. With Rawblade's commitment to quality, the Fighter Gorget with Pauldrons is a standout choice for those seeking reliable and stylish leather armor.

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Color: Black



This combo set includes both pauldrons and the gorget to which they attach. The Fighter pauldrons are a durable and high-quality leather accessory that attaches to the gorget with buckles. The pauldrons feature copper color rings and are part of the Fighter set, which is made with the best materials to ensure durability and longevity. The gorget can be worn by itself and is adjustable with two straps and buckles on the back. The leather is sourced from national producers in Spain and carefully inspected to ensure there are no cracks or dryness. The pauldrons are designed with double seams and reinforced eyelets to withstand continuous use.


Fighters, mercenaries, rogues, and other warriors in need of light protection while not losing flexibility and speed would benefit from this set.

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