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Gladius III

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The third version of our popular Gladius sword takes all the great aspects of the former model and brings them forward. The new blade has a sharper profile while remaining safe and very durable thanks to our unique Calimacil foam, while the handle has new colors that gives it a more realistic look. While the guard and pommel are steel-colored, golden details adorn them for sharper contrast. The brown-colored handle has grooves that provide an excellent grip for a firm wielding and greater combat efficiency.


Because this sword is Roman in inspiration, thus perfect for centurions and members of the Roman army, it has efficiency and simplicity in mind. However, for these same reasons, it could be as deadly in the hands of a mercenary or small armed group of well-organized bandits. Even in the hands of a simple-minded Ogre or Goblin, the sharp edge and pointy tip could be a great danger for those not prepared to faced such foe.

Weight (g): 485
Total Length (cm): 90
Blade Length (cm): 69
Blade Tickness (cm): 3
Blade color: Steel
Handle length (cm): 20
Grip length (cm): 9
Cross guard width (cm): 9
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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Incredibly detailed weapon

I have this current weapon main weapon for my current LARP character. It holds up incredibly well in battle, and always draws praise for the detail and design.

The sword in our game has become popular and renowned. This weapon is great for any Roman based character or even a high fantasy LARP!!

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