Griffin II

A Blade Fit for Legends

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Unlock the enchanting allure of the Griffin II, a LARP sword that marries regal elegance with supreme realism. Crafted to elevate your heroic quests, it embodies noble valor and promises to be your trusted companion on every epic adventure.

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Introducing the Griffin II LARP Sword – a refined masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of realism in the world of LARP weaponry. This modern iteration of the classic Griffin sword boasts a more authentic appearance with a silver and shiny blade that glistens like a genuine weapon. We've taken every detail to heart, ensuring that this sword is not just a prop but a true work of art.

The handle of the Griffin II has undergone a striking transformation. Now, it's painted in a brass hue, skillfully highlighted along the edges to emulate the polished look of real metal. This enhancement adds an extra layer of authenticity to your LARP experience, making you feel like a true hero from a bygone era.

Just like its predecessor, the Griffin II maintains an ergonomically designed handle, guaranteeing exceptional handling and a seamless balance between functionality and elegance. Crafted with the utmost precision, our proprietary Calimacil foam forms the blade, ensuring unrivaled durability that will serve you faithfully throughout your LARP adventures. What truly sets this blade apart is its unwavering commitment to safety. The Griffin II is designed to be the preferred choice of both seasoned warriors and their adversaries, offering an unmatched combination of realism and harmlessness.

Choose the Griffin II LARP Sword by Calimacil, and let your adversaries live to share tales of your adventures while you wield a blade that transcends imagination and brings your LARP fantasies to life.


In a realm where kingdoms and pirates clashed for dominance, a sword of unparalleled beauty and power emerged— the Griffin II. Crafted by the finest artisans, it bore the profiles of two majestic Griffins on each side of its guard.

In the kingdom of Eldoria, Prince Lysander inherited the Griffin II, a symbol of his lineage's valor. With this blade in hand, he set sail to tame the wild seas, a prince turned pirate in pursuit of justice. Legend had it that the Griffins on the sword had once protected the kingdom from a fearsome sea serpent, their profiles etched in eternal vigilance.

As Prince Lysander sailed, tales of his bravery and the mythical Griffin Sword spread far and wide. Pirates and kings alike sought to possess this remarkable weapon. Yet, in the end, it was not the power of conquest that the Griffin II represented but the unity of a prince and his people, a symbol of hope and courage.

The Griffin II's legacy lives on, reminding all who gaze upon it that strength, nobility, and the bond between ruler and realm can shape destinies, even on the open sea.


The Griffin II LARP Sword by Calimacil is a versatile weapon that can suit a range of LARP characters due to its elegant and realistic design. Its regal appearance and polished brass handle make it an excellent choice for noble and virtuous characters like paladins and those portraying kings, queens, princes, or members of royal courts. The Griffin II also finds favor among pirates, adding charisma and formidability to their roles as leaders of daring crews. Knights, who personify honor and valor, appreciate its balance between functionality and elegance. For adventurers embarking on grand quests or mercenaries seeking reliable weaponry, this sword's versatility and adaptable design make it a dependable companion.


  • Weight (g): Short: 307 ; Long: 352
  • Total Length (cm): Short: 76 ; Long: 90
  • Blade Length (cm): Short: 56 ; Long: 70
  • Blade Thickness (cm): 2
  • Blade color: Silver
  • Handle length (cm): 20
  • Grip length (cm): 11
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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