Hamond canvas puttees

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Puttees have been in use from the Iron Age to the Middle Age and were reinvented by the military and used as regular equipment during the 19th and 20th centuries. Be it for the Roman legionary or the British soldier, calves are kept warm and protected from scratches and bruises with this leg-wear. Our "Hamond" puttees are made from robust canvas fabric. With their individual length of 380cm, they can be used for wrapping all the way up to the knee - even thicker calfs will be comfortable. They are also ideal in cold weather for early Middle Age costumes, such as for a Germanic tribesman or a Viking because not only are they a perfect accessory but they also keep you dry and warm. Leather straps or pins keep the puttees tight and securely in place.

Material: canvas 
Sold in pairs
Length: approx. 380cm 
Width: 12,5cm 
Weight (pair): approx. 350g 
Colors: brown, grey, cream, black
Designed in Germany by Mytholon

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