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Hunter's Hood

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Saundra was struck by a violent cough as the hot wind blew heavy dust from the abandoned mine on her exposed face. Pulling her hood up to cover her head from the toxic emanations, the scavenger grabbed her crowbar and started opening the barrels one by one, searching for fuel. If she didn't find any gas for her bike, she would be forced to stay here for the night, and she really didn't have any intention to find out what kind of predators were prowling this wasteland after the sunset.


Inspired by the aesthetics of the Bloodborne game, this versatile and mysterious accessory will give your character a hardened look thanks to its unique hood and elegant asymmetry. Covering the neck and shoulders and featuring a highly functional hood, the hunter's hood opens at the front for an optimal fit thanks to practical snap buttons. This costume element is suitable for both post-apocalyptic and medieval fantastic LARPs. This piece is the perfect addition for any wanderer, prowler, brigand, thief, cultist, or bounty hunter types of character.


  • Antique brass plated snap buttons
  • 1mm supple leather


The collar can be left open or closed depending on the desired look The finishing touches, as well as the disposition of the leather layers, can change from one piece to the other Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

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