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IDV Mini-gun Crossbow Bolt Orange (Pack of 5)

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This LARP-friendly crossbow bolt features orange fletching for easy identification and bolt recovery. The rounded foam tips are a safe option for LARPs that allow crossbows; these are seen frequently at large-scale events and fly very accurately. Extremely lightweight, each bolt is 12 inches/30.5 cm in length. LARPers can easily mark the orange rubber fletching. It features white markings on the crest. Constructed for safety and accuracy, each tip is approximately 2 inches in diameter. The durable fiberglass shaft provides realistic firing capacity. These bolts are useable with the mini-gun Crossbow. This is a pack of 5 mini-gun crossbow bolts. The Legend orange-tipped crossbow bolt is made by IDV Engineering, a German company.

Weight (g): 250
Total Length (cm): 30
Material: IDV Foam

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