Cretzer (Dagger), The Katzbalger Dagger - Calimacil LARP Dagger

Cretzer (Dague) avec Garde

the Katzbalger Dagger

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When the Renaissance began, warfare was entering a great era of changes. The upbringing of firearms made heavy armor less useful, and techniques adapted. The landskenechte were one of the most recognizable trained units because of their gear: mulit-coloured puffed sleeves, gigantic berets and some of the most iconic weapons of the time. Between lances and zweihanders, landskenechte all used a much shorter sword, whose guard aided in parrying: the Katzbalger. Worn without a scabbard, it could be drawn quickly when dire times came, like when their walls of lances were rendered inefficient. It's thanks to their great training, discipline and iconic gear, like the Katzbalger, that these military men are still remembered today.


The Katzbager bring in view our new blade. This innovation has a better-defined point and sharper edges. However, as it is made of our famous Calimacil foam, it stays safe and extremely durable. Steel-coloured, the blade sits atop of a silver handle with tarnished gold details. The silver guard can be removed, the same way as our katanas' tsubas, for an easier storage and diversity of use.


The Katzbalger dagger absolutely must be part of historical reenactors' outfits, especially those of the Renaissance. Tragic heroes will appreciate its theatrical aspect, as will some fighters and duelists who's styles and panache can't be matched. Moreover, many mages and merchants will learn to love its guard, a unique feature for a dagger.

Weight (g): 215
Total Length (cm): 51
Blade Length (cm): 30
Blade Tickness (cm): 1.9
Blade color: Steel
Blade Type: Other
Handle length (cm): 22
Grip length (cm): 11
Cross guard width (cm): 8
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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My favourite off-hand stabber

The craftsmanship on this piece is superb. It is very nicely slimmed but the Iron rings are sturdy enough to protect from sliding blades. I use this either in my belt for easy reach or in my off hand and its cut the thread of more enemies than I can Count at this point. I can't recommend it enough!

Great dagger

This dagger is a great addition to my costume. It looks great and very discrete. The fact that the guard is removable make for a great assassin's blade.

sturdy and fun

This dagger is incredible! I’ve had it for two months and it is still in like new condition. I had hoped the guard would be something I could remove easily, but it is hard to get on and off. I’m okay with that as it looks so amazing, but I would have enjoyed the versatility of it being easily removed. I will be buying again from this vendor.


The handle is about as long as the blade, you can hold the dagger with both hands if you choose so. I didn't like the ring guard, so I didn't put it on.

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