Mighty Fish

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The Foam LARP Fish is an enchanting, lifelike companion designed to elevate your role-playing adventures. Crafted with intricate scales and vibrant paintwork, it's versatile, safe for battles, and perfect for comedic moments or quests. Embrace creativity and safety with this durable, entertaining addition to your gear!

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Introducing Calimacil's Foam LARP Fish! Measuring 35cm in length, this enchanting foam creation is more than just a prop—it's an immersive, lifelike companion designed to enhance your role-playing adventures.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Foam LARP Fish boasts intricate scale patterns and vibrant paintwork that elevate its appearance, making it almost seem alive. The meticulously applied paintwork brings out its playful personality.

This foam fish isn't just a static prop; it's a versatile addition to your LARP gear. Whether used as a whimsical accessory for comedic moments, a storytelling tool, or a fun element in quests, its lightweight and durable construction makes it easy to wield in various scenarios.

The foam construction ensures safety during intense battles or playful encounters, allowing for worry-free interaction while maintaining an authentic appearance. Its flexibility and softness guarantee that even the most comedic or unpredictable moments won't break the illusion or cause harm. The Foam LARP Fish is also safe for throwing! Its soft and flexible foam material ensures worry-free fun!

Embrace the fun and creativity with Calimacil's Foam LARP Fish—a safe, durable, and entertaining asset for your next LARPing journey!


In the Whimsical Realm of Sillysea nestled between Mount Giggle and the Whispering Woods lies a legend about a mystical being known as "The Fish."

This extraordinary Fish isn't your typical swimmer; it shimmers with scales that reflect laughter and twinkles mischievously with its eyes.

Locals discovered that regaling The Fish with absurd tales and jokes brings immense luck and joy. So, storytellers gather by the shores armed with their wackiest yarns, hoping to amuse The Fish.

But catching The Fish isn't easy! Only those who tickle its funny bone with uproarious tales earn its favor, receiving a lifetime of laughter and blessings.

As word of The Fish spreads, travelers flock to Sillysea, seeking the creature that brings mirth to all who meet it. And so, the legend of The Fish lives on, spreading joy and laughter throughout the lands.


In the realm of LARP, various characters find joy in "The Fish." Fishermen tell tales of it as a legendary catch, while merfolk revere it for bringing laughter to their underwater kingdoms. Traveling bards seek it for inspiration, spinning whimsical stories, and seers incorporate it into divinations. No matter the role, The Fish adds a touch of mirth and unpredictability to LARP adventures.


  • Weight (g): 280
  • Total Length (cm): 35
  • Total Width (cm): 7
  • Total Height (cm): 16
  • Material: Calimacil Foam

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