Oakshatterer The Lumberjack Axe

The Woodsman's Fury

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The Calimacil Larp Foam Lumberjack Axe is a lightweight, safe, and realistic foam weapon. With an ergonomic handle, foam edge, and spike, it offers immersive gameplay while ensuring player safety. Perfect for one-handed use in LARP combat

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The axe has a single-handed design, making it easy to wield and maneuver during intense LARP battles. The handle is ergonomically shaped, providing a comfortable grip for precise control and swift strikes. The realistic brown color of the handle adds to the immersive experience, giving the impression of a genuine wooden axe.

The axe head is where the weapon truly shines. It is designed carefully, featuring a sharp but safe edge on one side and a spike on the other. The head is textured and has a steel-like appearance, enhancing the realism of the weapon.


In the ancient forest, a humble lumberjack named Eamon faced an invading army. Armed with his mighty axe, he fought with unmatched skill, felling enemies in his path. Inspired by his courage, fellow soldiers rallied behind him. In a climactic battle, Eamon clashed with the enemy's champion, emerging victorious. His triumph echoed through generations, a legend of bravery and the indomitable spirit of those who protect what they love.


The Calimacil Larp Foam Lumberjack Axe is a versatile weapon perfect for various LARP character types. Warriors, barbarians, and berserkers can wield it with strength, while rangers and hunters can employ its spike for precision strikes. Unleash your inner lumberjack with this realistic and safe LARP weapon.

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