Medieval Adventurer's Bow II Ambidextrous 54" Brown

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- Before each use, please ensure the string's integrity, and do not use if it shows any signs of damage. Replacement strings can be acquired separately.
- Additionally, always consult your LARP organization to confirm the draw weight requirements for your specific event.


This new design features stitching on the back of the bow to stylishly hold the leather in place. The body is made entirely of fiberglass with wood tips making this traditional bow a classic that is durable, versatile, and easy to use. One string is included.

With a simple traditional recurve design this ambidextrous bow features the shape of a horse bow with slightly more height making it a little less maneuverable on horseback but with the same accuracy and look. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, this inexpensive and versatile bow is a great fit for any character and is sure to fit into any medieval fantasy game.


  • Weight (g): 510
  • Length (cm/in): 132.08 / 52
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 21@29
  • Laterality: Ambidextrous
  • String included (cm/in): 124.46 / 49
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Fiberglass

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