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Moloch - Limited Edition

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Délai de livraison : Juin 2020
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Édition limitée

For a limited time only, you can get your hand on different versions of an old favorite back from the crypt, the Moloch sword! With unique and striking color scheme, you are sure to find something to give an edge of epicness to your character.

Available in 4 color variants, order them as soon as you can. Once stocks are depleted, the Moloch will go back to the Crypt. Hurry up! Don't miss your chance.


Enchanted blades are many, but few now exist as dark and powerful as this blade. Forged from the bowels of the Earth--from the very rock itself--this blade was infused with the black spirit of Moloch himself, powerful Archdemon of Underworld. And so it came to pass that Moloch never truly died--not even when the Bright Armies raided Underworld and slew Moloch upon his very throne. A king, young and drunk with victory, took as a trophy Moloch's sword and bore it back to the Above. But the spirit of Moloch lived on, whispering, corrupting, consuming, spreading the taint of the Underworld across the kingdoms Above until he had forged for himself a new empire--and a dynasty that will last as long as his blade.


This darkly magnificent sword is a creation from the union of Calimacil and the Atelier Fantastic Arts. It perfectly marries the boundless creativity of Fantastic Arts‚ Heroic Fantasy designs with the technical expertise and exclusive materials developed by Calimacil. Ideal as a showpiece, it is also entirely usable for Live Action Role Playing. This sword presents the classic cross guard and blade flexibility that you've come to expect from Calimacil, while maintaining sufficient rigidity to perform safe combat and sparring maneuvers.


To dark lords, necromancers, warlocks, and antiheroes alike, this sword promises a dark yet powerful destiny to the one who can master it. All those tempted by its forbidden powers risk their very souls. Some have tried to wield it and have failed, consumed by its power. Others have tried and become a household name, whispered fearfully in the dark. Which fate will befall you?

Weight (g): 700
Total Length (cm): 118
Blade Length (cm): 94
Handle length (cm): 27
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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