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Owen kettle hat

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Kettle helmets developed around the 11th century and came westwards from probably Byzantine. Quickly they became one of the most worn types of helmets in medieval europe. It was easy to make and protected well against blows and strikes from above; fro mthe horse downwards, that means. This way many infantrymen wore this type of helmet. The \\"Owen\\" kettle helmet is built with a wide brim, which protects the wearer from sun and rain. Face and back of the neck are left free, which allows an open movement, breathing, sight and hearing. All this without leaving the wearer unprotected. The three ridges along the centre of the scull cap not only stiffen the material, but also bring a distinctive style to this helmet. Inside you will finde a foam liner covered in smooth cotton as well as a chin strap for tight adjustment to the head. Material: 1,2mm steel Colour: blank Size: up to 62cm circumference We recommend to wear a padded coif underneath to avoid scratches and bruises. This will maximize your comfort.

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Owen Kettle Helm

Always wanted a kettle helm, so glad I decided to go to Calimacil for it. Best fit and good price.

I love the coverage and weight of this helm and for the fact its padded inside and doesnt fit like a floppy bucket. Helmet does not disappoint.

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