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There are stories being told about you amongst the soldiers. You are the mercenary who has slain over a thousand men. You put fear in your enemies with just a glance. Your aura of darkness freezes the hearts of anyone who looks you in the eye. And your favorite? Someone is saying you made a deal with a devil so that you may never die.

You will never tell them which might be true. Instead, as you sit in camp and wash the blood from your Medieval Pants, you simply listen...and smirk.


Epic Armoury’s Medieval Pants are a classic design with signature baggy legs usually associated with medieval clothing, displaying rich use of fabric around the thighs.

Above the knees, these pants are extra wide and narrow sharply at the knees. Below the knee, these pants are slim and can be adjusted by cotton tie strings reinforced with a cloth-brace on the inside of each leg. This allows the wearer to tight-fit the leggings around the shins. Around the waist, the Medieval Pants are fitted with a long cotton drawstring visible only at the abdomen. This keeps the pants in place while leaving plenty of room for a belt. The pants are made from black, textured, medium cotton fabric.

The pants have a high-medieval and renaissance look, but the style is universal and fully compatible with other Epic Armoury clothes and armours, allowing freedom to design unique character outfits regardless of setting.

Available in sizes X-Small/Small, Medium/Large and X-Large.


  • Predominantly a Scandinavian and Russian Medieval fashion
  • A great way to show off wealth with the excess use of fabric
  • Design is similar to the Pluderhose, a 15th century design that fastened at the knee
  • One of our bestsellers!
  • Affordable, personalized costume interchangeable with all other Epic Armoury gear
  • 100% natural materials
  • Made from fabrics manufactured locally
  • Handmade by qualified professional. Measurements are approximations and may vary.

As a heavy duty fabric, this light canvas product is stronger and heavier than simple cotton. This material wrinkles easily, but can be ironed on a higher heat level.


Machine wash at 40°C / 104°F. Please make sure to wash it once before use in order to make sure that remaining dye will be removed from the product. It is advised to wash with similar coloured clothes to reduce the risk of dye imprint. Tumble Dry on low heat, but be aware that it might shrink up to 5%. For general stains or discoloration to the canvas, treat with a commercial fabric cleaner, or blot with tepid water and a soft cloth.

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