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the Warhammer

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While swords took years to master, while halberds needed constant training and bows needed great patience, maces always were of a surprising simplicity. Lift it high, bring it down hard, as the brutes say. However, with the more frequent use of plate armour and great shields, simple maces lost some of their efficiency over time. That's why some blacksmiths came up with a clever way to deal with this issue: add an iron spike on one side, and a hammer head on the other. That way, armours could be pierced, and wars won. Moreover, no need for long years of tiresome training for armies wanting to use this great hammer. The sum of these factors was what enabled the mace to be used for centuries after some more complex tools, such as the crossbow, were used in war.


This LARP-ready war hammer's head is steel-coloured with golden details for a striking realism, while the handle is wooden in appearance. As always, the mace is made of Calimacil foam – almost indestructible and safe for repeated battles and without danger for both parties. Special thanks to Naev Sioreze and Raphaël Côté who helped us find the name on our Facebook page.


Every warrior, historic guard member or savage Orc will appreciate this war hammer for its efficiency and simplicity of use. Peasants, merchants and mercenaries alike will also like the durability and ease of wield, however they use it : defending their harvest, merchandise or their lives themselves.

Weight (g): 192
Total Length (cm): 55
Staff Length (cm): 50
Head width (cm): 16
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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One of the best LARP weapons on the market

This weapon is cheap, easy to wield, historically accurate, safe and balanced. It's the perfect choice for historical LARPers who reenact a warrior from the 14th to the 17th century. Its simplistic look is excellent and the weapon is so light, you could even furiously strike with it as hard as you can, like in Buhurt, and it won't hurt. If you have any intentions of buying a Calimacil weapon, this is one of the best. Even when hooking with the protuding hook and hammer it won't rip, as the weapon is sturdy. 5/5 would buy again.

THE historical warhammer

This weapon is pure authenticity, like a dream come true for historically inclined LARP players. This is just the right size for a genuine medieval warhammer, and it feels amazing to wield it in combat. Its a very sturdy and easy maintenance weapon, and it's a marvellous sidearm for archers and pikemen. I never regretted buying it!

The Percefer

I'd been waiting for something like this for ages. A warhammer. It's not super fancy, it's not a rock on a stick. It's a warhammer. Plain an simple.
I love this weapon. It's got such a simple look to it. It's durability is great. I've always got a slight concern when a weapon has the potential to hook that it might rip. But this has never been a concern with the Percefer. It's tough as nails, but gentle to the hit. The per(cefer)fect partner to lovers and fighters. It's incredibly light, and very easy to wield. I would love to get a second as I imagine they are very fun to dual wield. It has a flat head and spike head, but neither cause discomfort when hitting unarmoured foe.
At the game I play, Ashes of an Empire, their being easy to wield and the prominent hammer head make it the perfect battle buddy. I personally use it as a side arm, but despite it being far larger than a dagger, it's not at all cumbersome to have on my belt. As well, it has a hole in the base of the handle, so you can attach some string or rope for increased versatility and easy of carry. As well, due to it not being gigantic, seeing people use it as a rep to smith weapons and armour doesn't look completely ridiculous.
This is a great weapon and a compliment to any warrior's collection.


Its really is a solid estetic weapon, both as sidearm, it is short and fits good in the belt or as the main weapon for any kind of role. With the spike it gives a realistic look and looks right when you are about to wack some heavly armoured enemies.


Very good warhammer. Very soft in the head and bottom

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