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Polearm Saber

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Sweat rolled in translucent pearls down my neck. My armor’s neckline imprinted itself into my skin, rubbing and bruising a little more each mile we walked. The Polearm in my calloused hand felt safe, but its weight seemed heavier the farther I went. When, on the country road, I noticed the young farm boy playing with his sheeps, I couldn’t help but reminisce of the house I left, of the smell of grass and barley, of how it sang under the wind on those summer mornings… of home. It’s a foreign concept now, but also, the ultimate reason to fight for.


This sleek design hints at the 11th century Fauchard, a European glaive evolved from the peasant’s scythe. A little over two thirds haft for one third single-edged blade, our Pole Arm Saber comes equipped with a removable tsuba Dragon*. Cast in our Calimacil foam, this safe and durable LARP polearm will impress for many years to come.


The Pole Arm Saber allows for reach, precision and fluid transition between offensive and defensive styles. Its simple design can fit a myriad of characters. Originating from the lower classes, it suits rebellious peasants, weapon masters and foot soldiers especially well.

Weight (g): 1350
Total Length (cm): 225
Blade Length (cm): 69
Blade Thickness (cm): 1,7
Blade Colour: Steel, Silver edge
Staff Length (cm): 150
Staff Colour: Detailed brown wood
Crossguard Length (cm): 5
Crossguard Width (cm): 10
Crossguard Colour: Brushed steel
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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Larp-Fight and comments

Delivery was super fast to Germany. Only 2 weeks. Weapon is like in the description. Quality ist ALMOSt perfect. On the blade ist some area (2cm x 0.4cm) whithout paint(or bad foam?). Its flexible. Not to hard and not to soft. In use: BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!! 2,25m = you may stuck on some (in my case many) tents. Dont swing it in with people crowded areas. You will hit 'em. Everybody. At any direction. Train it with friends.


Ordered it for an event, it arrived nearly a week late with the blade bent quite badly at the tip. Bits of the tsuba appear to be about to peel off, but the rest of the weapon seems more or less alright.

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