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Deckard - Veteran

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The Veteran Collection adds a unique touch to every Calimacil foam weapon. Battle scars and other wear marks are added to give it a more realistic appearance. The process is done completely by hands by one of our artists; making every sword axe or mace a unique piece. *The battle scars and wear marks vary from items to items.



« Battle station, battle station. Condition One throughout the ship. This is not a drill ». The message was blaring through the speakers. As if he didn’t know, as he was hiding behind the makeshift barricade of crates and sandbags, with laser fire streaking above his head. The Space pirates were gaining ground. He couldn’t ignore the fact that his own laser blaster’s battery was nearing emptiness. But it was not as if there was anywhere to flee, in the vast emptiness of space. The trigger clicked, without any flash of light. Damn, it was empty now. There was no choice but to get his trusty knife out of the sheath, and fight to the end.


Of a very practical design, this knife is the perfect sidearm, or emergency solution in dire combat. The enclosed guard protecting the hand makes it very useful for that purpose. Lightweight, it won’t be cumbersome to carry around. As always made of our safe foam, it will be providing service for years to come.


The anachronic combinaison of the saber guard and the modern blade makes it a perfect weapon for the low-class interstellar traveler of the far future, or the survivors of the nuclear wastelands plagued by zombies.

Weight (g): 210
Total Length (cm): 46
Blade Length (cm): 30
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Handle Length (cm): 16
Grip length (cm): 11.5
Cross guard width (cm): 14
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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Very good knife

Extremly fast shipping (from canada to Germany in under 5 days!)
And a good quality knife!

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