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Robbert Stark (Bastard) - Reforged

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About Reforged Items: Reforged weapons are a clever pairing of some of your favorite Calimacil handles, and an alternative choice of short blade designs. Exclusive to our web store, these swords are not available for pre-order, so get them while they’re in stock!


Training with wooden swords is very practical, but when facing a real threat, survival is less than assured without a sturdy steel blade. But to be able to hold to this sword, one needs to have gone through the adulthood rite of passage. After the series of trials, that are kept secret until I am facing them, I will officially be considered an adult. This means I will receive, like every man and woman of my clan, a sword. I will then be able to take part in the battles they fight, and help them defend what is ours.


This new version of the classic Robbert Stark keep the original steel and black handle. as always, but the blade is now steel and have a more realistic look and feel.


Of historical inspiration, this sword is perfect for knights, warriors and other characters fighting for a noble cause or for the domination of a country. Moreover, it is not unheard of that such a sword is found in the depths of a Troll’s keep or in the hands of an Orc, meaning that some unfortunate adventurer crossed paths with some dire beast.


Weight (g): 371
Total Length (cm): 104
Blade Length (cm): 82
Blade Thickness (cm): 2
Blade colour: Steel with silver edge
Handle length (cm): 22
Grip length (cm): 17
Crossguard width (cm): 20
Handle Thickness (cm): 2.5
Handle colour: Steel and Black
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil foam

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My Fist Real Larp Sword

This is an amazing product! I have never LARPed before but after having this sword in hand I am very tempted to. I do use this as a prop for one of my D&D characters who is a Fire Genasi Blood Hunter who is a duel wielder!!

Definingly plan on buying more products from Calimacil in the future.

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