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Rodrigo morion

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The Morion is an open faced type of helmet, which developed from shapes of kettle helmets in the 16th century. The front and back brim is pointy and slightly bent upwards. You will find cheek flaps with some models, which are either segmented or built with scales. The "Rodrigo" helmet is built with a relatively small scull cap and low centre ridge, On the back you will find a nozzle, where you may stick feathers, flowers or other decoration into. The cheek flaps are made from a single piece with punch holes and are riveted onto the chin strap. THe helmet has an inner liner made from foam, covered with smooth cotton. Material: 1,2mm steel Colour: blank Size: up to 61cm circumference We recommend to wear a padded coif underneath to avoid scratches and bruises. This will maximize your comfort.

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