Round Head Arrow Sleeved

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Color: White/Black


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Your mother is a famous archer in your kingdom, and a feared competitor whenever archery tournaments are held. You’ve seen her hit a moving target the size of your palm without breaking a sweat.

One day you hope to live up to your mother’s name. Under her guidance, you practice daily with your bow and collection of Round Head arrows. Your mother says you have great potential--it’s in your blood, after all.


This White/Black coloured arrow is designed by iDV Engineering, the leading archery crafters in the LARP industry. Arrows are an essential for any archer, and this particular version is designed to be used without harming your friends. Made with epoxy-glass resin, this 76 cm long white sleeved arrow is built to be highly flexible, shatterproof, and accurate. It will withstand the inevitable abuse on the archery range or battlefield! Should the shaft ever break, however, a special sleeve has been added to protect you from fibreglass splinters. The black fletching is made from flexible elastomer, which is durable and made of one piece as an added safety feature.

This arrow is a great solution for beginning archers, youth, tourism, LARP or medieval reenactment. The round head is made of durable padding, and is designed to distribute impact uniformly in order to minimize potential injury. Each arrow head and shaft has a 4 year warranty thanks to their superior quality (although the warranty does not cover the nock and fletching).

Available in colours White/Green, Black/Black, Black/Green, and White/Black.


  • Used in cultures all over the world, predating recorded history
  • Modern reconstruction of a historical crossbow bolt, but designed not to cause injury (particularly to vital sensitive areas on the face)
  • 4 Year Warranty on the whole arrow
  • The aerodynamically optimised safety-head is 53 mm in diameter and provides optimum safety, durability and striking distance
  • The fletching is made from flexible elastomer, which is a mix of plastic and rubber made to be durable with high impact strength
  • The high grade epoxy-glass resin shaft is highly flexible, shatterproof and provides maximum accuracy.
  • Handmade product from Germany based company, iDV Engineering

Safety is important! While these arrows are designed to be safe, technical measures are not a replacement for responsible and considerate behavior. Check every bolt properly for damage before using it. Never use damaged or worn bolts. Do not exceed the max draw weight (between 20-30 lbs.), as it can result in breakage of the shaft and may cause severe injuries.

Store bolts flatly, taking care not to leave them in direct heat or cold for long periods of time.

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