Scout Leg Guard

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Color: Polished Steel

Polished Steel

Size: XXL/3XL



You move quickly, navigating the treacherous terrain. The rains have washed out the roads and made traveling difficult, taking any trails and footprints along with it. On one hand this has made your job challenging as a scout, but it’s also slowed down any normal party traveling ahead.

Thanks to your simple and lightweight gear, including your Scout Leg guards, you manage to spot trouble long before they could spot you. You’ll head back and tell your own group about the upcoming bandits.


Epic Armoury’s Scout Leg Guards, in Epic Dark, are a set of mild steel Leg guards designed to protect the shin and front of lower leg, without sacrificing all manoeuvrability. Each Leg guard consists of one plate, secured together using a sturdy, but flexible strap of leather. The legguards are made from 1mm steel, forged to fit comfortably over the front the legs just before the knee joint . .

These Scout Leg guards are designed to fit comfortably over your shin , secured with a double leather band around the upper mid and lower mid of the legguard.. Made from polished mild steel with rolled edges, these Leg Guards are practical and affordable. With its low-fantasy and neutral appearance, these Scout Leg guards are easily paired with other Epic Armoury metal works.

Available in Polished Steel and Epic Dark


  • Leg guards have been an essential part of military equipment since ancient times
  • Still used today in many sports including soccer and american football among others
  • Leg Guards are some of the most important pieces of armour during medieval combat, as holding the line meant that your lower body would remain stationary and falling down could mean breaking formation .
  • Made from 1mm/19 gauge thick mild steel
  • Rolled edges with no sharp edges
  • Straps and fittings made from top-grain leather
  • Hand made, welded pieces for maximum durability
  • Polished steel finish

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