Shadow armor Set

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Introducing the sleek Shadow Armor Set in black leather. This cuirass, with shoulder armor and tassets, protects in Larp combat. Thick leather shields chest, back, shoulders, and hips, while ensuring freedom of movement. Quick and adjustable with straps and buckles. Endures Underworld's harshest environments.

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Shadow Torso Armour Shadow Torso Armour
Shadow Shoulder Set Shadow Shoulder Set - Black
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Introducing the striking Shadow Armor Set, crafted meticulously in black leather. This exquisite cuirass comes complete with shoulder armor and tassets, offering formidable protection for Larp combat enthusiasts. While the risk of danger typically arises from the front, rest assured that this robust leather armor will safeguard your chest, back, shoulders, and hips, granting unrestricted mobility during intense battles. With an array of straps and buckles, the Drow warrior can swiftly don this armor, achieving a flawless fit that conforms precisely to their body. Constructed from stitched leather plates, this fantastical armor is engineered to withstand the most treacherous conditions found in the Underworld.

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